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sewn floral bowls

Some of my favorite photos from this spring are of the sewn tulips for Styled.’s ice cream bar. They would be perfect grouped together as a centerpiece and look delicately pretty served on plates when filled with treats.

Make a grouping of sewn floral bowls for your summer celebrations…

Start with blooms that open up nicely (tulips are perfect, roses and lilies would also work). Snip each bloom at the base and carefully shape the petals into place. Using a needle and embroidery thread hand stitch the petals together. The small bowls will nicely hold candy, sauces, garnish or other small treats.

Photography by Carly Taylor for a subtle revelry.



  1. Those are super cute, such a unique idea!

  2. These are so cute! Remind me of the handmade leis I learned to make for my uncle’s wedding from his bride’s (my aunt) Hawaiian aunties–that was a fun way to prepare for a wedding :)

  3. jenn

    11 May

    Your blog makes me incredibly happy every morning. That’s all :).

  4. Rach

    11 May


  5. Monica

    11 May

    These are beautiful!

  6. Lena

    11 May

    Oh my, how gorgeous! Perfect for a tea party!

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