Shamrock cupcakes

Since it is officially March, Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up quickly. I am not Irish, or a leprechaun, or even very lucky. Thankfully though, St. Partrick wasn’t either. He was a great (English) man of faith, which puts him in my heritage. I love celebrating his work and sacrifice.

For a great kick off to celebrating this year why not make a few of these shamrock cupcakes. They would be a fun gift for any child- a much healthier alternative to the holiday class treats this year. The cupcakes would also be lovely as party favors for your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

The cupcakes are easy to make. Simply take a small patch of a shamrock plant (dirt and all) and place it in a cupcake wrapper. You can buy these plants for just a few bucks, or pick them somewhere wild (mine are from my yard).

Use a ribbon to compact the dirt together and to make the small plant easy to transport and pot when received. Punch two holes in the sides of the cupcake wrapper to tie the ribbon in front, making a pretty delivery package for your cupcake.

Be sure to label your cupcakes so that others will know what they are- no accidental digestion of dirt at your party. I designed a sheet of labels so there would be no confusion;)

There are eight labels per page, you can download them by clicking here. Attach the labels to your plant using the ribbon, adhere them to the cupcake wrapper, or stick into the dirt with a toothpick.

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