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Summer is lingering on these days and it’s such a great time of year to get outside and enjoy our new entertaining space. The summer evenings with a low and late sun set a gorgeous backdrop for a simple summer party. If you are feeling the hostess bug this season but want to keep it simple (and pretty!) here are a few of our favorite ideas for a summer party outside.


Impromptu tables are a great way to create quick seating for extra guests. We happen to have a number of paint buckets lying around from the renovation still and I love this idea of using them (or trashcans, or side tables) to create an impromptu table for dinner. When the table is kept low to the ground a picnic blanket or assortment of pillow is all the seating that’s needed.



Going bright and large with the tunes and games is our go-to this summer. From our own large jigsaw puzzle to this super fun blocks game – the larger the garden game the better the opportunities for guests to linger around enjoying themselves. Plus a little competition seems to make every gathering even better.




Setting the spread is a cinch with a combination of fresh fruit (that you can cut the day before!), IZZE® over ice, and grill your own pizzas. We’ve been grabbing pizza dough from our local market already made and adding fresh garden ingredients, for pizzas that taste like everything summer is supposed to be. Each guest can create their own and rest it on the grill for easy alfresco dinning that won’t leave you sweaty and breathless.

Serving drinks by filling a large bucket with ice and IZZE® bottles gives every guest a sip of something yummy and allows for the host to not be running back and forth from the kitchen all night. It is simple tips like this that can transform hosting a party from something stressful into something so fun you’ll do it over and over again.


Cheers to a summer filled with simple ideas, lingering evenings and very good friends.

See more inspiration for a simple summer party over on Evite and send a quick email to invite your best friends over for a similar gathering. It is just so easy and you’ll be incredibly thrilled you did it.