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A Colorful Confetti Popcorn Treat

Inside: DIY confetti popcorn holders with yummy sprinkle popcorn!

It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized how amazing it can be to add things to your popcorn. Adding peppermint gives it a refreshing zing. Dipping it in chocolate makes for an unforgettable sweet. I’ve been putting in chocolate chips for the last few years, and now this summer… We’ve begun adding sprinkles to our popcorn!


confetti popcornSprinkle confetti popcorn

Sprinkles give the popcorn that perfect sweet + salty balance and it makes the entire bag look festively appetizing. Make a long summer afternoon more fun with a movie and sprinkle confetti popcorn – the whole family will adore it. Or make a few bags for setting out poolside. The sprinkles get soft sitting in the mid-day summer sun and not only look great, but they also taste even better!

confetti popcorn recipe

diy popcorn holders

Every serving of sprinkle confetti popcorn should have it’s own sprinkle clad popcorn holder. I mean… right!!?! We designed these fun DIY popcorn holders with hand-drawn extra large sprinkles. A stellar way to serve popcorn this summer. The DIY confetti popcorn holders can be printed for free, stuffed at a moments notice, and tossed after the guests have gone. Making party prep effortless this summer.

confetti popcorn sprinkles

Sprinkle confetti popcorn serving bowl

Make these DIY Confetti Popcorn Holders

To make the DIY confetti popcorn holders you will need:

1. Print out the confetti popcorn holder template and cut along the thick black lines.

2. Use the sharpies to make quick, thick lines all over the popcorn holder. The lines don’t need to be perfect… just have fun with it.

3. Fold along the thin dotted lines and glue the loose tab into the inside of the holder. Glue down the bottom tabs and your holder is ready!

DIY confetti popcorn recipe

Yummy sprinkle popcorn recipe

Confetti Popcorn Recipe

To make the confetti sprinkle popcorn. Pop your popcorn (here’s an easy tip to make popcorn in the microwave). Mix in about 1/4 cup Jimmy sprinkles to 3 cups of popcorn. Toss around until combined and scoop out into the popcorn sprinkle clad popcorn holders.

Sprinkle confetti popcorn recipe

PS. Try these other fun popcorn recipes like this pink popcorn recipe and this parmesan ranch popcorn!

(Photography ©A Subtle Revelry by Erin Holland).

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