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Styled. in Autumn

I am so very happy to announce that we will be releasing a second issue of Styled. magazine early this fall. It will focus on the art of Autumn merrymaking and all the cozy goodness that comes along with that. Hooray! I learned so much through producing the first issue and just adored all of your amazing support in the process (big smile!). I am looking forward to launching an even more inspiring continuation of our magazine.

If you are interested in advertising email me (asubtlerevelry at gmail dot com), we have a great early bird discount and a few exciting surprises in store!

Photography by you + me styling for Styled. issue one.

PS. The winner of the Anthropologie pendant necklace was Alexandra (congrats!).



  1. Ashley

    5 May

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Natalie

    5 May

    So exciting! :)

  3. Looking forward to it!

  4. Hooray! I’m so happy to hear about the next issue….except now I have to wait until Autumn :(

  5. Jennie

    5 May

    Very exciting and so happy to hear you are doing another issue! Now to contain my excitement and acquire patience until autumn.

  6. Yay1 Exciting! May you be blessed during this time of preparation!

  7. That’s absolutely great news. I loved the photography in your first mag. Looking forward to the next

  8. Tegan M.

    5 May

    So exciting! I’ve been following faithfully, but the captcha thing doesn’t show up at work so I can never comment. So incredibly happy for you and thrilled to see where this new venture takes you. :)

  9. Giulia

    5 May

    Yayyyy! That is great news. Once you have the advertising info, please send my way…

  10. Rach

    5 May

    How cool!

  11. Danyelle

    5 May

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you have up your sleeves.

  12. Yippee and congrats! Cannot wait to see the 2nd issue!

  13. That’s great! Can’t wait to pour over it this fall :)

  14. Eeeeeee! Can’t wait! <3

  15. Lena

    5 May

    Oh, you have me so excited for roasted squash and fallen leaves! Can’t wait to see Issue No. 2!

  16. Stephie

    6 May

    Yeah! I can’t wait – but I guess I’ll have to!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Stephie x

  17. jenn

    6 May

    Super exciting! Can’t wit to read it and see all your lovely stories :)

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