Styled. magazine issue four | the art of merrymaking

Excited to announce we are live with Styled. magazine issue number four! It is filled with cozy projects, lots of wood, an indoor picnic (with craft paper fire!), a bright beautiful bridal shower from Italy and a fun graphic collaboration with instructions for how to throw a proper party. Plus, lots of other goodies… including Erin Lochner’s exciting celebration news, in case you hadn’t heard. Click through to see the issue!!!

Just a reminder, all featured stories are now blog posts. Click through the title to find more photos, instructions, downloads and to save/share/pin what you love. Thanks so much for your support of this project!

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Posted February 01, 2012
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22 Responses to “Styled. magazine issue four | the art of merrymaking”

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  2. […] by Alessandra Aghila for Styled. issue four. « heart milk cubes bright wintry bridal shower […]

  3. […] photography and paper design by Jake and Jamie, A Pair of Pears. Designed for Styled. magazine issue four. « minature cakes and assembly Styled. magazine issue four […]

  4. […] at room temperature. Let the celebration begin! Project by Melissa Coleman, The Faux Martha for Styled. magazine issue four. « Custom fabric vases wintry indoor picnic […]

  5. […] by Randi, Swoon Paper Company for Styled. magazine issue four. « wooden and gold candles graphic map details […]

  6. […] designed by The How to Project in collaboration with Styled. magazine issue four! « party in Salt Lake City wooden and gold candles […]

  7. […] by Melissa Esplin Photography by Cassidy Tuttle done for Styled. magazine issue four. « bright wintry bridal shower how to throw a party […]

  8. […] Alessandra Aghilar Photography by Federica Piccinini and Gaia Borzicchi Paper by Elena Mariani for Styled. magazine issue four. « a bridesmaid ball party in Salt Lake City […]

  9. Josie says:

    Gorgeous as ever!

  10. Natalie says:

    as always, a gorgeous new issue! cant wait to try my hands at those mini golden cakes and fabric vases! congrats victoria :)

  11. Trina says:

    Loved your post on Blog Star + have also been wanting to say great job on the mini party at ALT! Can’t wait to get lost in the new issue of Styled tonight.
    XO Trina

  12. Lena says:

    A delicious cover and a divine issue–congrats!

  13. miranda says:

    a touch of this, a touch of that…
    everything that a creative mind looks
    for with a hint of surprise!

    L-O-V-E this web-azine :)
    Thanks for all your hard efforts
    and to the team that puts it together!

  14. Marlana says:

    Typo — A Shower Wraped —- should be Wrapped

  15. teresita says:

    getting better every time!

  16. Barbara Stevens says:

    I love the do it yourself Graphic Map Details. Beautiful images and so creative. I’m going to try the votives at my next dinner party!

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  18. […] lo shooting realizzato per Styled? A decorare la tavola, insieme a gomitoli, sfere di lana e fiori, c’erano anche delle candele […]

  19. […] by Michelle Edgemont for Styled. magazine issue four. « how to throw a party veneer wooden chain […]

  20. […] by Emily-Claire Ballou for Styled. magazine issue four. « veneer wooden chain Custom fabric vases […]

  21. […] Project by Angela Hardison for Styled. magazine issue four. […]