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Styled. magazine on its way

Styled. magazine on its way

I am happy to announce the next issue of Styled. magazine in the works. Issue number seven will be out late this summer with festive inspiration for fall! The issue will be packed with parties, products and projects for everything you might be celebrating and I want you to be involved! I’d love to know, and share why you are celebrating this fall. To be included simply email me (asubtlerevelry at gmail dot com) your answer to the question below, along with your name and site URL (if you have one) I will be picking a handful to share.

“This fall I will be celebrating because________________”.

We are also offering new advertising options for this issue. Fall is an amazing time to partner with the site and magazine. We have so much gorgeous inspiration that will be included. I’d love for you to join the conversation. If you are interested email me; asubtlerevelry at gmail dot com.

Photo by Jackie Wonders for Styled. issue two.

  1. This fall I will be celebrating because of the scent of newly harvested fresh warm plums and because sitting in the garden and doing nothing is the best thing.

  2. Sarah D.

    21 June

    This fall I will be celebrating because it will be my one year wedding annivesary to my wonderful husband!!

  3. Stephanie

    21 June

    Cannot wait!!!

  4. Amy Powell

    21 June

    so excited for the new issue! it really is something pretty that you put together.

    • Victoria

      23 June

      Thanks Amy, I am excited about it too! It has been so great hearing everyones reasons today:)

  5. Mandi

    21 June

    This fall my niece turns 5, going to be celebrating her new adventures (already planning a fun fall cake!)

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