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succulent garden table runner

In the new house we have aquired something that I am over the moon excited about – a 10 foot dining table! It is HUGE, and gorgeous, and will be the setting of so much fun this coming year.

Although this feature was one of the things that actually sold me on our new home, I quickly noticed that my current tablecloths, runners and table top decor did not fit the new table. While I figure out what to do about this permently (any thoughts?) I created, with the help Home Depot’s do-it-herself workshop, a sweet succulent garden runner to go down the length of the table. Home Depot is offering workshops all summer on fun projects you can do at home – just like this one. I am an instant fan.

The succulent table runner is the perfect option for a very long table because it is simple and low in form, easy to care for and brings a pretty bang for its buck. Here are a few things I learned at the workshop that helped me create the table runner.

1) Succulents need to be dry. Hence why they thrive in the dessert. To accomplish this at home be sure to have a correct potted system set up for your succulents. We used the succulent-specific mix our local Home Depot carries along with BBQ-like wood chips in our soil to be sure the plants had plenty of room to drain.

2) Our table faces west, which means it gets the late afternoon sun. This makes it the perfect option for succulents that need a lot of strong (but not direct) sun. To keep your own runner looking great ,be sure to place near a good source of light.

3) One of the best things about succulents is that you can plant them in just about anything, as long as the drainage is set up correctly. They can even be potted in my favorite collection of bowls, making them a perfect option for table tops, counters, and other places where design matters.

Brought to you by The Home Depot, click here to learn more.

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