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suede shoulder heart patches

This weekend was a bust for me. I had to cancel a fun trip to the coast and an important work dinner because a stomach bug hit our family. It’s weekends like this that remind me the mom/work balance will never be totally figured out, no matter how hard I try.

Instead, I spent the weekend drinking cider, resting and lounging in my new favorite sweater for fall. A cheap steal that I made more festive with DIY suede heart patches. 

We found a vintage men’s herringbone blazer for under a dollar at our local thrift store. Although it was too large to wear I cut out the elbow patches, snipped them into hearts, and used fabric glue to attach them to a sweater.

I love the idea of deconstructing found pieces and crafting separate projects. It lends itself to affordable supplies and something more original in style. I’m on the look out for another jacket to make patches for my daughters leggings, and maybe appliques for a party hat this fall.

  1. Alessndra

    1 October

    Ahah! That’s fun as I did a pretty similar DIY for my blog this past weekend!

    (Love the new logo header!)

    • Victoria

      1 October

      Alessandra, Yours on the big cardigan:) So cute!!!

  2. corrie anne

    1 October

    I love patches!

  3. Yelle

    1 October

    Absolutely adorable! Especially on stripes :}

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