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sugar glitter layer cake

Sugar Glitter Cake

I’ve always loved the look of glitter on a cake, but purchasing edible glitter always seems a bit above my crafting pay grade. As a result, I started dreaming about making my own. It’s really simple to make, and the glitter can be tinted to any color imaginable. I am so in love with this cake! The gorgeous texture and pretty details make it great treat for showers, birthdays, and parties this coming spring. Shimmer, shine, eat… repeat!

Sugar Glitter Cake

DIY Sugar Glitter

To make the sugar glitter layer cake you will need – your favorite cake mix in any flavor (here’s my favorite), 1 can of frosting, white sparkling sugar (8 oz), and Pearl Dust in the colors you want (they come in 0.05oz vials). 

Sugar Glitter Cake

Start by baking the cake. We used a 6×3 cake pan and baked two layers. While cakes cool, make the colored sugar.

Place sugar in a small jar (between 6-8 oz sized jars should work for a 2-tone layer cake). Tap purple pearl dust into the jar; the amount depends on the shade of purple you wish to obtain, i.e. the more powder you pour in, the darker the crystals. Repeat with the green pearl dust and a second jar of sugar. Put on the lids and gently shake jars until colors are evenly distributed among the sugar.

Sugar Glitter Cake

Frost the cake and place in fridge for 20 minutes to chill. Cut a strip of parchment long enough to go around the circumference of the cake, then place parchment around the top half of the cake. With a pan underneath (to catch any sugar that falls — it will be a lot!) put a small amount of the colored sugar in your palm, tilt the cake, and with a slightly cupped hand, quickly but gently apply the sugar to the sides of the cake. It’s a messy process but you can re-use any sugar that doesn’t stick and falls on the pan. Continue to apply the sugar around the entire cake.

Remove the parchment strip from the top half of the cake. Some of the frosting will come off; simply re-frost any spots that need retouching. Cut another strip of parchment that fits around and completely covers the decorated base of the cake. Repeat the process of applying the second colored sugar to the top.

Sugar Glitter Cake

Sugar Glitter Cake

To create the glittering mint garnish, make simple sugar; mix 1/2 cup sugar + 1/2 cup water in a small pan, stir on the stove over medium heat until sugar is dissolved and let cool.

With a clean brush, apply a bit of simple sugar to the tip of a clean mint leaf, then use another brush to apply a thin layer of pearl dust. You can also sprinkle the DIY colored sugar over the mint leaf for a more substantial look.

Sugar Glitter Cake

Photography and styling by Athena Plichta. Creative direction by Victoria Hudgins for A Subtle Revelry.

  1. lena

    10 February

    This is amazing!

  2. Gorgeous decorating style! I love the light spring pastels.

  3. Alison Dulaney

    12 February

    This cake is beautiful! The color palette is just so pretty.

  4. Splashyideas

    13 February

    Wow great idea… gonna try this next tym I bake

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