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Summer Craft – Knitting

With all the relaxing we’ve been doing this summer, it’s a perfect time to pick up a new craft to love… and now that my girl is old enough to really start enjoying crafting we picked a craft to both learn together this summer – knitting! Picking up a new craft can be such a fun way to hit refresh creatively and it’s awesome just to know we can learn and do something that we didn’t know how to do before.

Have you tried anything new lately? Can I suggest knitting is perfect for this time of year because you can do it anywhere. From the airplane to the beach, it is a craft that travels well. Knitting doesn’t involve a huge amount of supplies or a mess, and you can stop and come back to it as many times as needed – because we all know summer home with the kids equals 198 interruptions and hour.

We partnered with we are knitters to try our hand at a new craft this summer. Here’s the Jake blanket we knitted, I am also loving this fun beanie for beginners. You can search their site for projects based on skill level, colors, style etc. Once a project is purchased they sent everything we needed in a bag, including the needles and very detailed instructions. We chose a beginner project and it was definitely doable, not having ever knitted before. I will mention we did YouTube a couple steps just to see the motion in action instead of on paper, but once we got the hang of it the project came together really quick!

Not only was it fun to learn a new craft, but I really loved knitting for how relaxing the process was. Normally crafts with the kids can get tense once there is glitter spilled and paper cuttings flying everywhere – knitting was awesome because it was low key enough to be able to have a conversation and relax while doing it.

The finished product was a pretty blanket for laying out in the grass and covering up on the hammock with during chilly summer evenings. Find your own summer craft project to enjoy these last few weeks, it will make your summer feel restful and productive. ;) Learning to knit was easy peasy with we are knitters, I am loving this sweater, this scarf or even a bikini! That might just have to be our next project.

This post done in partnership with we are knitters.

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