a honeycomb baby shower

I threw a baby shower this last weekend and it was such joy! We themed the celebration around welcoming Erin’s new hunny and filled the space with honeycomb inspired decor and honey infused food. I happened upon the thought of using chicken wire as honeycomb and bought a big package of it. After the shower I was so inspired by the (new to me) material. I will be sharing fun chicken wire DIY projects this week. I could not resist creating them!

Spray painted yellow the chicken wire adorned the shower table as a runner and popped up as vases throughout the room. The vases are so easy to make. You simply cut out a section of the wire and roll it together. Be sure to wear gloves when working with it to avoid cuts. It is sharp!

Chalked honeycomb onto the wall was the perfect backdrop and I and served goodies like honey sea-salt popcorn and honey apricot cookies. I gave out local honey with wooden dippers for the favors and a package of mint green honeycombs hung organically from the light fixture. The room was already home to a large grey painted tree (LOVE!), it fit in perfectly and yellow frames awaiting the newest hunny added a note of expectant charm.

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relaxed shower at home

Every so often I will see a photo and something inside me exclaims… Yes, that is it. That is the look! The authentic look of good design and sweet crafted details combined in a natural, non fussy way. A look that is both beautifully pulled together and relaxed; allowing the space, the relationships and the light stand out.

This gorgeous home baby shower thrown for Alarna Zinn owner of Little Jane St. and photographed by Ashley Oostdyck is a perfect example of a such a celebration. I just love it!

Photography by Ashley Oostdyck.

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floral garden party

With spring having officially “sprung,” my entertaining philosophy has shifted completely to outdoor gatherings that celebrate blooming flowers and sunshine on bare shoulders. What better way to embrace the season’s bounty that by hosting a garden party, complete with loads of colorful vegetables (preferably picked straight from the garden!), a refreshing citrus cocktail and delicate blooms arranged haphazardly in vintage containers?

Here are five tips for hosting a perfect garden party:

1. Serve a simple menu of light bites that can be served at room temperature. This frees up the hostess from rushing back and forth to the kitchen so she can actually enjoy the party with her guests!

Greet guests as they arrive with vodka-spiked rosemary lemonade. Combine 1 part vodka to 2 parts fresh-squeezed lemonade, garnish with a long sprig of rosemary and serve simply in a mason jar tied with colorful ribbon.

2. Create a feast for the senses by moving a long table outside and layering it with details in shades of white and green. Start with a long white linen that falls to the floor, then top with a botanical runner made by cutting 3 yards of gorgeous upholstery straight from the bolt (no need to hem!).

Pretty white plates with linen napkins or rustic dishtowels make lovely place settings, especially when topped by seed packet favor bags bearing guests’ names. (For these, we were inspired by Chelsea’s tea party favors and made a few garden party-worthy tweaks!).

3. Ash from The Byrd Collective created the stunning centerpiece using poppies, daffodils, cabbage, geranium leaves and other interesting foliage. Think outside the vase and get creative with vessels; these blooms would look gorgeous displayed in mason jars, vintage medicine bottles, terra cotta pots, watering cans or drink pitchers. And not to worry if your flowers look less than “perfect”…these arrangements should appear as though they’re wild and growing straight from the garden!

4. For a fun activity, ask guests to bring a favorite flower or gardening book for a book swap! Each guest introduces her book during the meal, and afterwards everyone gets to choose the book they’d like to take home with them.

5. For favors put together “gardening kit” to encourage post-party green thumbs! Line a terra cotta pot with kraft paper, then fill with springtime bulbs, pretty gardening gloves and pruning shears. It’s such a sweet way for guests to remember a lovely day surrounded by food, flowers and friends!

Editorial Styling and photography by Camille Styles.

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baby shower firsts

A sweet idea to start your week (happy Monday!). This baby shower print is a collection of each guest’s hopes of firsts for the baby boy. Everyone was asked to jot down what they were most excited for baby to experience in this life- a first baseball game, a McDonald’s french fry, a ride on the D train etc. How incredibly sweet is that! The mom says she just poured over it and felt so much love for her soon coming baby.

Photo from The Indigo Bunting.


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feather her nest…

Hosting a modern day feathered brunch is a fresh way to celebrate with an almost married Mrs. or an about to pop mom. Forgo the frilly feather look and take a modern spin on the idea. Incorporate bright colors, a simple design and a few quirky elements for a relaxed and pretty celebration.

This shower was originally designed for the first issue of Styled. magazine. I couldn’t help but share a few of my favorite extra photos with you here…

The entire concept was based on the pretty set of vintage Dixie cups. They scream bright and beautiful celebration to me. We filled them with bubbly. I love including traditional elements like the serving of champagne in a jovial way for informal parties. We served dime sized pancakes topped with my husbands most perfect preserve mix (I eat it often!) and finished off the design with table bowling.

Bright table games, like bowling, are perfect for showers, where there is often a lot of time spent sitting around chatting. Buy a similar set or adjust the directions on this easy bowling tutorial to fit your celebration, lose the elf hats and paint your pins in solid bright colors for a modern look.

Want to see more of these bright photos? Read the story in Styled., or see the entire photo gallery. Photography by Jackie Wonders.



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Handcrafted party, sew thoughtful

I remember very clearly when the “nesting instinct” kicked in with the twins. I still have a large bin of fabric that was hastily bought in a mad dash to sew at 32 weeks pregnant.

In honor of all those crazy pregnant instincts this sweet sewing shower styled by Casey is a great celebration to end our week together on.

Cheerful fabric bunting, adorable cupcake flags & a pretty fabric corsage are just a few of the details lovingly sewn together for this very lucky mom-to-be.


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Hand-crafted parties, a little squirt

This post goes out in honor of a dear friend who is going to have a baby very soon in a foreign land. Love you Ashley and I wish we could throw you a rocking shower for baby #3.

A summer baby shower laden with homespun details from Eden Photography for a personal friend home from Russia for the birth of a baby. Her own little squirt-

The details of the day just scream summer sweetness. The entire shower was styled to make simple decor stunningly stand out. The focal point of the shower was a gorgeous vintage drink cart with cans of squirt, to celebrate the coming baby squirt! Pops of yellow announced the theme in the most subtle of ways.

The shower host said, If I could have gotten a picture of a mosquito, it would be the biggest picture, it and its friends just might have been a huge part of our night!

Thanks Bethy for sharing such a wonderful summer shower with us, even the mosquito nets lend to the loveliness of it all!


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Handcrafted parties- Sip & See

I took a lovely few days off this weekend- no babies, no blog… Just a husband, a picnic, and a very relaxing pool. It was glorious! I am excited to be back this week and have a whole bunch to share with you. While I get settled, a nest baby shower for your Monday morning.

I am so grateful Brittany sent in this sweet party. A Sip & See is a great alternative to a baby shower because you get to celebrate the new mom, plus have the joy of meeting a new baby. She used one of my favorite themes…

Nest Baby Shower

The nest baby shower featured a dessert bar filled with eggs of all sorts and backed by a “Welcome To The Nest” handmade banner. If making a banner seems too overwhelming our free printable CHIRP banner would be an easy alternative for creating your own nest baby shower theme.

Guests were greeted with this adorable wreath made especially for the nest baby shower by wrapping a foam wreath core with a white boa and hot gluing the coordinating feathers, ribbon and the sweet baby’s name.

Remembering our nest baby shower “peep show” I just adore how Brittany used chocolate and sprinkles to liven up her peep popsicle sticks.

Using Martha’s nest baby shower recipe the eggs and other desserts had lovely resting places. Larger nests were bought at a local craft store and used around the party room.

Brittany also created this homemade cupcake stand and is sharing the DIY with us today. It would be super easy to replicate for any upcoming party. In her own words below:

Homemade cupcake stand

  • You will need two cardboard cake rounds (any size you would like–these are 12″ and 16″), scissors, double sided tape, ribbon, scrapbook paper of your choice, 2 cans of vegetables or soup.
  • To start, you need to cover your rounds with your choice of scrapbook paper and use double sided tape to secure. This is tricky because of the size of scrapbook paper, but if you buy a pattern that repeats, or a solid color, you should be good to go.
  • Next, I covered the outer edges of the cake rounds with a coordinating ribbon, so that the ugly corrugated cardboard did not show.
  • Then, secure your cans together by stacking them and then taping them longways and also around the rims. Once you have done that, roll the cans in scrapbook paper and secure with double stick tape. Fold the edges down as you would when wrapping a present.
  • Stack the stand together, securing with glue to hold. Wreaths & feathers give added nest baby shower detail to your stand.

Thanks so much Brittany for sharing this wonderful sip & see with us!

Nest baby shower photography credits: Wright Image Photography


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