fairies and pixie dust

I am happy that Tina, aka Traveling Mama is giving me the chance to share this party with you today. The fairies and pixie dust theme designed for her daughter’s 11th birthday party is so incredibly pretty. I adore the childish whimsy and the party is done is such a classic way with sparkles, wings, tea and the like. The girls had been begging to dress up for a photo shoot, so the party started with fairy makeovers for each of the guests and then got more adorable as the day went on!

The styling of the day is gorgeous, in that, I didn’t try too hard kinda way, with a table set in layered cloths from Target and white paper pendants hanging above. The wall of butterflies was cut freehand by Tina in fairytale colors, it is a simple touch that really makes an impact on the white walls of the space.

Tina says, I wanted all the food to have an earthy, woodsy feel to it, so we filled the table with pretzels, haystacks (which look like bird nests), trail mix and dried figs.  I didn’t even plan on making a cake this year because I had ordered supplies for cupcakes, but the box didn’t end up making it, so at the very last minute I threw together a cake and it ended up being my very favorite thing!  I’ve never taken a cake decorating class or anything like that, so I knew I was going to be limited by my abilities, so I just went for simple lines and a generous dose of colored sugars and dragee that I had on hand.

All photography and styling done by Tina Fussell.

PS. I will be sharing parties and pretty celebrations on Wednesdays each week, both mine and the original  work of others, ones I really adore! A pretty taste of what is ahead:)

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a contrast of black and white

I am very excited to finally share a few photos from the celebration of my twins turning three (see the story in Styled. issue five out today). The stark contrast fits them at this age and the elements were great fun to design. My favorite piece from the day being my husband’s broken down childhood cello. We spray painted it black and strung with neon thread (so fun!).

Read on for the rest of the party photos and details


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wire table confetti

Curly cue confetti made from bright floral wire makes a seriously festive party statement. I designed this project to share at Kirtsy today along with other talented blog friends. See the entire slide-show of party crafts and find this specific tutorial. They will bring a bright and whimsical touch to your next birthday table.

PS. I made these spirals in large format for our thirtieth birthday (they are my favorite!).


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reason to celebrate | antler photo booth

Rebecca hosted a bright and gorgeous birthday party recently. My favorite piece from it is the photo booth done with a simple backdrop and pair of antlers! I love this idea for a fall gathering. Hold them up behind your model or attach them to a thick headband for party perfect photos throughout season.

Rebecca recommends checking garage sales for real antler sets. I found affordable faux ones you could purchase here and here.


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how to stack a party tray

I am happy to introduce a new series walking you through a few of what I deem to be “most important” party pointers. Each of the monthly posts will include a pretty illustration and easy to follow written instructions from me… First up: How to stack a proper + pretty party tray.

Download this illustration as an 8×11 print here

The most important aspect to a stacking proper party tray is obviously functionality. Add in a bit of festive beauty and make an everyday serving tray become the absolute gem of your celebration. Here are a few tips, whether it’s for a small dessert gathering or an all out bash, that will make your tray both usable and gorgeous!

Start with the base of the tray, coordinate it well with your celebration. Confetti, streamers, and florals are great for accomplishing this. Make sure all food on your tray can easily be eaten with one hand, and never include condiments that might sneak out onto an unsuspecting party dress.

Stacked cups should be wide based, it is nice to interchange colors and textures in the stacks to give design appeal. Serve all drinks in clear vases, so the eye will continue moving and what you are serving is easily understood. Add berries if you can, they are pretty!

If you are serving outside, a single floral stems laid atop the napkins is a nice and dainty touch and will keep the wind from blowing your paper away.

Illustration done by Amanda Waggoner for a subtle revelry.

PS. Two adorable tray DIY ideas to get you started here and here.


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a birthday balloon bouquet

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday? Send them a balloon bouquet made of sweet and kind sayings from their favorite people. I came up with this idea for a recent friend’s birthday and recreated it to photograph and share. It is an easy way to get everyone close to the birthday girl involved in wishing them the happiest!

I cannot think of a better present than the chance to open bundles of envelopes with kind words about my awesomeness included. Read below for the easy directions to create this sweet present.

To create the balloon bouquets you will need small envelopes with cards, balloons, stamps, and larger envelopes.

Start by compiling a list of all the name and addresses you would like to send the package to (a group of the birthday girls closest friends and family is great!). Address and stamp the larger envelopes to this group of people. Then pre-address and stamp each of the small envelopes with the birthday girls address. Put a tiny -do not open until- note on the back of each little envelope.

Next you will need to write out a note of instruction. I wrote mine right on the inside of the envelopes but you could easily include a paper note instead. Copy the little poem above (I won’t tell:) or right up your own directions to send.

The sending packages should each include a little envelope with card, instructions and a balloon! Be sure to send in plenty of time for family and friends to get these back in the mail. I would suggest about 2 weeks before the birthday.

That is all you need to give your favorite friend the most uplifting of birthday presents! The friends/families you send the package to should follow your instructions, write out kind/fun sayings and send off their balloons. As the envelopes come pouring in and the balloons are blown up, they will create a complete bouquet of encouraging words and sweet sentiments for the birthday girl.

Photography by The Prokopets Studio, special thanks to Candace for modeling!



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glittered box hats

In place of paper pointy party hats these glittered box hats will make your birthday girl and her friends feel really special. I adore how they ended up with such a festive and boxed vintage feel.

Make your own glittered party hats using cardboard box frames found at local craft stores (I used oval but any shape would work). You could make the hats before a party to hand out or create a craft station for them to keep little hands busy.

First, punch small holes in each side of the box to thread your ribbon through, then cover the entire box with acrylic paint. While the paint is still wet tap out glitter covering the top of the hat. Let your hat dry and string the ribbon to tie. Enjoy the girlie giggles you will get as glitter is placed atop their little heads.

Thanks to my sweet little girl for modeling. Photography by Chelsea Robbins for a subtle revelry.


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painted guestbook

After the myriad of watercolor projects this spring, I’ve complied quite the paint collection. This bright and artistic (masterpiece) guest book is a fun solution and would be a fresh idea for your next celebration.

To recreate; find an old frame and fill it with an extra large sheet of artist paper. Leave guests instructions to write in their name + well wishes with a white crayon and leave the paints out with brushes and water. After the piece is dry, you will have a pretty log of who celebrated with you and a gorgeous dose of watercolor art.

I originally designed this with a wedding in mind, but wouldn’t it also be a fun way to end a kids party? Their little friends will love playing in the paints and your child will be left with a treasured remembrance of his special day.

PS. My favorite painted wedding mural ever.


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