escape for brunch on the beach

Sitting at the beach on vacation last week was incredibly refreshing for me. I realize how much we each need an escape every now and then. This brunch at the beach was designed to encourage us to celebrate summer escapes; whether this means a grand vacation, or just a couple quiet minutes to make homemade muffins and sit with our feet in the sand.

With our littlest in the backseat, we headed first to our favorite bakery for some fresh Danish rugbrod, which is a dark rye bread typically eaten for breakfast and a slice of milky Danish cheese.

We had the beach nearly to ourselves that morning. We unpacked a basket full of homemade muffins, glass jars full of yogurt and fruit, and, of course, treats from the bakery. We sipped our warm coffee which was poured from a thermos and relished the escape as the waves lapped at the shore and the wind tousled our hair.

Before heading home, we strolled through the quiet streets of the nearby town of Gilleleje. The shops were just as quaint as the surrounding homes.

Sometimes escapes worth celebrating are those that we choose to embrace no matter what our schedules look like. I know, for us, that we will cherish that brunch by the sea, not because it was elaborate, but because were alone and the salty sea was a perfect accompaniment to the sound of our littlest laughing and cuddling with us against the chill.

Styling + photography by Tina Fussell for a subtle revelry.

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quick tips | wrapping bread

I am happy to introduce you to a new column for Monday mornings. Quick tips! Perfect tips and tricks to make your celebrations, no matter how small, come together with style and ease. No real instructions, just ideas, pretty pictures and a festive something you can complete in under ten minutes. Because, it’s nice to start the week feeling like you really could accomplish something pretty.

Today’s quick tip is an easy way to bring style into a brunch. Wrap a couple loafs of bread in pretty dish towels to bring an instant touch of style to your table. It is a pretty way to pull in texture for Easter and will make any leisurely Sunday meal seem special.

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reason to celebrate | Sunday brunch

I am quite excited for this weekend because my mom is coming to town! We will be spending our days brunching on the deck catching up. I am hoping it will look something like Nikaela’s photo above, just dreamy. I am excited to show her my new favorite shop and enjoy a date night out with the husband (moms are the best!). Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Photo by Rose and Crown


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feather her nest…

Hosting a modern day feathered brunch is a fresh way to celebrate with an almost married Mrs. or an about to pop mom. Forgo the frilly feather look and take a modern spin on the idea. Incorporate bright colors, a simple design and a few quirky elements for a relaxed and pretty celebration.

This shower was originally designed for the first issue of Styled. magazine. I couldn’t help but share a few of my favorite extra photos with you here…

The entire concept was based on the pretty set of vintage Dixie cups. They scream bright and beautiful celebration to me. We filled them with bubbly. I love including traditional elements like the serving of champagne in a jovial way for informal parties. We served dime sized pancakes topped with my husbands most perfect preserve mix (I eat it often!) and finished off the design with table bowling.

Bright table games, like bowling, are perfect for showers, where there is often a lot of time spent sitting around chatting. Buy a similar set or adjust the directions on this easy bowling tutorial to fit your celebration, lose the elf hats and paint your pins in solid bright colors for a modern look.

Want to see more of these bright photos? Read the story in Styled., or see the entire photo gallery. Photography by Jackie Wonders.



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Dreaming of a white Christmas

Merry Christmas to you. I am so glad to finally share my third holiday shoot, done all in white with a festive metallic touch. A Christmas morning brunch filled with little doughnut ornaments, scrumptious macaroons and pretty pears hand-stamped for the celebration! A perfect note to end our wonderful holiday season together…

The table dressed in wrapping paper sets a festive display. Paint transforms woodland creatures white and pretty hanging wreaths are turned a metallic silver, giving them a special mystique that could carry on throughout the entire season.

The cinnamon rolls adorned themselves with flags and little bags of granola were buttoned and sealed for the occasion. The plates were gussied up for the holiday when rolled in baking glitter and stacked neatly together.

This shoot turned into one of my favorite tabletops of the year. You can see it featured here and see more photos here. I am off for the weekend to celebrate with and enjoy my loved ones. Hoping for a Christmas that is white and filled with pretty festive moments to spare. May you have a very Merry Christmas as well!

Photography of my design by Carly Taylor

PS. I am taking the next week off to enjoy the holiday but will be posting a daily recap of the year- my favorite photos, projects and ideas from 2010. It has been a very great year, thanks for being a part of it!


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