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rolled bullet bunting

I designed this simple rolled paper bunting for Project Wedding and it has really brightened up my week. I love the look of bunting for celebrations, but get weary of seeing the tried and true done over again. This bullet paper version feels fun and fresh to me. Plus, it is dramatically easy to make. […]

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veneer wooden chain

I love the look of party decor made from natural materials. These wood chains are easy to make and compliment any color palette you might choose! To make the chains, cut veneer edging into uniform strips. You can play around  with different sizes, but I would stay between 6 and 10 inches long. Dab Gorilla […]

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instead of bunting | cotton and cables

I’ve been aching to find new solutions for decorating with bunting and have gathered a few great alternatives to share with you over the coming weeks. Trends like party bunting can be fun for awhile, but tend to get boring for me when not reinterpreted. I hope these ideas might help us all to think […]

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reason to celebrate | a beautiful mess

Elsie Larson is one of my favorite bloggers. Her DIY style is always so sweet and her recent wedding completely lives up. Did you see it on Style Me Pretty yesterday? I spotted this gorgeous black and white printed love bunting in her photos and have not been able to get it out of my […]

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recreate | paper flag bunting

This beautiful tutorial for paper flag bunting, designed Jennie Prince, is so simple it could be made this afternoon. All it requires is a few cuts of paper, clothes pins and a line. A marvelous solution to remind us that everyday is worth a celebration. Photography by Odessa May Society, thanks for the great blog […]

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