a picnic in the sun

For Mother’s Day, the family planned the most adorable picnic outing for me with fancy cheeses, fresh squeezed lemonade, the whole works! It was sweet and made my heart just melt to pieces. We did however have a three year old issue in the middle of it all and had to cut the afternoon short. Thankfully, the sun has not stopped shining this week and we’ve made it up with another picnic to match (I’m one lucky momma).

To make the day special we wrapped store bought cheese in butcher paper and tied it up with twine. We sipped our lemonade out of wooden egg cups and included a large sprinkled cookie to be sure everyone got a piece. This week marks the opening of picnic season for me and I could not be happier to be celebrating in the warm sun and fresh cut grass again this summer.

PS. Last year’s season opening picnic // the year before that // and a printable picnic silverware bag.

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a plant conservatory picnic

I had a special desire for a birthday picnic this year, something prompted a need for a sweet blanket spread with friends to celebrate turning thirty-one (which feels infinitely older than thirty!). Matt was gracious to not just plan one in the park, but to also take a couple days off so we could picnic this weekend at my favorite spot, here.

For today’s celebration, I am soaking up the inspiration from this gorgeous plant conservatory picnic that Janis and Micheal documented. Read more about it here.

Photography by My Suitcase Heart.

PS. How to make a picnic basket from a scarf.

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wintry indoor picnic

Warm weather is still a ways off, but the winter chill will not keep us from having a picnic. We just need to find shelter first!

To set the mood we designed a plaid patterned invitation printed on brown craft paper (see above!) download the invitations by clicking here. We also designed perfect tags for serving warm tomato soup or any other winter delight! Download the tag labels by clicking here.

For dessert, we roasted marshmallows over sterno flames, and made s’mores with homemade graham crackers. Guests had the option to layer dark chocolate, peanut butter cups, and strawberries on their s’mores. Everyone had a fun time staying cozy by the craft paper “fire” and embracing Febuary’s darkest days of Winter.

With our plaid invitations, corrdinating tags and cozy winter menu your guests will be singing Kumbaya around the fire in no time.

Party, photography and paper design by Jake and Jamie, A Pair of Pears. Designed for Styled. magazine issue four.

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homemade picnic basket

The last project I am sharing from our summer evening picnic is perhaps one of my favorites. I had a pretty scarf in my closet that was a bit rejected and unused, so I decided to turn it into a picnic basket! It lent the perfect touch of handcrafted style to our summery day and cost almost nothing to make. A fun project for the warm and long days ahead.

To make the picnic basket I cut off a square of the scarf and drenched it in a 1/2 glue 1/2 water mixture. I used an old gift box as my mold and once the fabric was wet I laid it out on the box. I spent a few minutes shaping it around the box and turned in the ends to secure the fabric on top of the mold. I let the whole project dry for about 48 hours and gently pulled off my dried, stiffened fabric box.

I opted to leave the edges raw on my final version, it just seemed right for summer:) You could turn them in and fabric glue if you want a more perfect finish. Once the box was complete I filled it with tiny summer sandwiches and enjoyed it’s refreshing whim…

Photos by Jackie Wonders for a subtle revelry.


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paint dyed streamers

Streamers are a lovely way to bring an event from everyday to celebratory. They are the standard expected at birthdays, sort of an international sign to party! They have even recently made themselves up for a few gorgeous showings at weddings (see here and here).

I am loving the new trend of using streamers for everything. What I don’t love is the sad color selection found at most stores. I wanted to use differing shades of pink to liven up our summer picnic, even online I had a difficult time finding any shades I loved.

Paint dying my own seemed to be the only avaliable option and I am pleasantly surprised to share today how easy they are to make and how much I love having custom color streamers. Now the options are truly endless for their use!

To make the paint dyed streamers you will need a pack of streamers, water color paints, mixing supplies, hangers and a place to dry the dripping paper (I lined my garage floor with sheets).

First combine your paints into the color format you are looking for. I wanted a gradient of color so I used one drop of paint mixed with cup water for the first bowl, three drops for the second and five drops for the third bowl. Any color combo you would like to see will work for these, that is the joy of paint dying yourself!

The next step is dipping your streamers in the paint mixtures. I found the best way to get full coverage was to layer the length back and forth to make a streamer stack. Dredge the entire stack in the bowl making sure it is entirely covered. Carefully lift the painted wet streamers out of the bowl. Very carefully! The paper gets more easily breakable while it is wet. Hang you streamer stack on a hanger and leave alone to dry for about 24 hours (longer if you live in a humid climate).

If you want even more color options you can run the painted streamers through the process again or even three times for a deep color application, doing this is how I was able to get many different colors from three bowls of paint (LOVE!).

After the paint has dried completely, take the streamers off the hangers and unfold to revel in your very pretty colors. Each streamer will have a bit of difference to the overall paint texture which I just adore.

What do you think? Would you use these for a wedding or other event? I think they would be insanely pretty in multiple shade of white or gray lining the ceiling of an aisle.

Photography by Jackie Wonders for a subtle revelry.


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summer picnic in the park

Summer feels like it is flying by this year! Enjoying this glorious season of sun and rest through picnicking is a magical way to slow it down, even if only for an afternoon. This week I will be sharing photos and projects I’ve styled for summer picnic inspiration. Simple textures, little sandwiches and a bit of festive flair thrown into the mix will make any afternoon in the park one to celebrate.

Creating a pretty picnic should be easy. Dip dyed streamers in perfect shades of pink, a homemade picnic basket, and a thick butcher block set the stage for our party for two under the sun.

Have you enjoyed a picnic outdoors yet this season? It is worth sneaking out for an afternoon with someone or someones to lay on a blanket and break bread together. A sweet dessert (like extra large macaroons) will encourage the celebration all the more and simple summer blossoms laid about give that relaxed feeling we all crave this time of year.

Photography by Jackie Wonders for a subtle revelry.

PS. The paint dyed streamer tutorial is here and the scarf to picnic basket tutorial can be found here.



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