party with the llamas

I am off for an extended weekend of styling for shoots just outside of San Fransisco. The two stories I will be working on are really exciting for me and I cannot wait to share photos with you soon.

It’s also an anticipated trip because I get to work with a new photography couple, Candace and Vitaliy, who I am quickly growing to adore. The above photo was taken by Vitaliy on his recent trip to Bolivia. Don’t those llamas look ready for a party with their bright earrings? Okay, I am not really going to party with the llama’s, but wouldn’t that be rad!?! I just adore this couple’s creative whimsy and cannot wait to pair up with them. See you in a few days…


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weekend revelries | risen

We stamped an alphabet of eggs and have had fun making words out of the different letters. Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend!

PS. If you need something to do with all those sweet candy peeps, I made a dipping bar last year and more Easter goodies here.

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I have a knack for loving things that are soon to disappear. From my favorite Mediterranean restaurant to my newly obsessed over perfume. I try hard these days not to get too attached…

but sometimes it happens, and then I find an old issue of Blueprint buried under a stack of papers and I mourn what was my favorite magazine that flew out of my life as quickly as it jumped in.

In the midst of the issue I came across the most lovely party- A summer backyard brunch & play date, entitled “Easy like Sunday Morning“. The perfect weekend inspiration for a relaxed celebration of summer. Find the article with the plan & recipes HERE.

Have a happy weekend:)


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Inspired weekend

This weekend I am inspired by my mom who is lovely and very missed now that we have moved away. She claims to not be crafty but can sew just about anything. This came in handy growing up since I am 5’nothing and need everything altered.

Now she puts her handiwork toward happiness for the babies:

Like this dress she made for chica,

and this one made out of the skirt I wore on our first year of marriage anniversary date (gallivanting around Niagara Falls swooning in love).

She is quite inspiring- in her honor I plan to actually use my sewing machine this weekend:)

A few other sew inspired beauties for you:

A pin cushion cupcake

This video uses red thread to animate life scenes.

Making old clothes new again with stitches even I can do.

Soft blocks for your baby.

Bows for boys & bows for girls.

And this awesome free art piece that is standing in next to Chica above- not sew related but too lovely not to share.

Also a bit of vintage baby love for you, in honor of my little brother who is moving across the country on Sunday.

Have a wonderfully inspired weekend everyone.

PS. I love printed masking tape. Do you see it in the picture above? Grabbed a bunch from the dollar bin and I have a supremely happy project coming up soon with it.


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Lovely weekend

This weekend we are having a housewarming party complete with raspberry truffle smores (I think they sound heavenly). Next week, full on melted chocolate, I will share all the details with you. After the party, I’ll be snuggling up to my sweet Valentines both big and small. Hope you have a very lovely long weekend.

(He just melts my heart- gush…gush…gush…)

A few links of love for your weekend:

A big list of DIY wall art ideas.

Have you seen this site yet? My brother alerted me to it and I cannot figure out if they are joking or not. Either way, yikes.

The most adorable little 4-wheeler around + it has a matching toilet!

A baby mantel portrait I would actually enjoy,

I feel in love with Vladimir Kush’s art on my honeymoon in Maui, have you seen it? Amazing. Last weekend we glimpsed at his newest painting The Last Supper which may be his best work yet.

We are in the market for a few new coffee cups, this adorable owl mug grabbed my notice.

A onesie with a donkey is so fun for spring.

I’m super honored that Roeshel featured the love bottle vases this week @ DIY showoff- thanks
& I’m also grateful to Cat from Designing Moms for featuring me again- you girls rock:)

* Psst… A state of the blog address coming Monday- less depressing than Obama’s, I promise.


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Lovely weekend.

This weekend I am finishing off an incredible week where I have given myself extra time to rest and process some major upcoming decisions. I am feeling exceptionally grateful for our wonderful family and all of our lovely new San Diego friends. This weekend I will also be sneaking away with the hubby- enjoying a few of the “perks” of his new job.

PS. Instead of a picture I leave you for your weekend with one little gremlin and one very delirious laughing baby.

(Let me apologize in advance for the blinding light, un-cut clip, and the poor video quality. This was shot with the hubby’s phone and I cannot edit it. I decided to share it anyway because the laughing was just too awesome to keep to myself. Imperfection, right?!?)

Plus, a few links for you-

An online listing of where your kids can eat for free.

The most adorable outside table I have ever seen, ever.

A whole month devoted to boys- I am totally making these pirate lounge pants.

Cross stitching is a craft I have yet to take up, but this collection is putting it on my someday soon list- amazing.

Buy a cookie cutter that says something sweet this week.

A beautiful owl necklace for under $5, how could I not?!?

The 5 o’clock club, brings a dose of necessary support for my early morning risings.

Lastly, Amy is my new hero… I love every event design she creates and one day I plan to show up in NY on her doorstep begging to be tutored.


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