bright wintry bridal shower

There is nothing like gathering with your girlfriends to share in one of the happiest moments of your life. Add a tasty breakfast and you’ll have a perfect bridal shower. Using wool as a key decor element we gave everyone a cozy and warm feeling on this cold winter day. Our wool was also used as the main inspiration for the stationery and was given away in the form of a pretty bow headband for each guest.

A little dessert table was set with all deliciousness for an unforgettable breakfast:  blackberry pancakes, marmalade, honey, donuts, coffee and cinnamon milk. The girls sat around a table set with yarn balls and wood knitting needles.

A vase that looked as it was knitted with ranunculus and narcissus brightened up the day and little bows stepped in to become cute placeholders on each plate. We finished the look with a simple linen tablecloth and bright yellow cake stands.

This perfectly bright bridal shower was designed for Styled. magazine issue four. A simple bridesmaids gift with a free download to go along with the shower can be found here.

Styling and project design by Alessandra Aghilar Photography by Federica Piccinini and Gaia Borzicchi Paper by Elena Mariani for Styled. magazine issue four.

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The easiest pom-pom poof tutorial

These fun yarn pom poofs are perhaps the simplest and cheapest of projects of all, but one of my all time favorite! Make them in bright colors for an upcoming party or in white as a snowy winter decoration.

I first loved them as hanging decor, then fell for them as whimsical cake toppers, before finally deciding they are perfect for just about anything!

To make the pom-pom poofs; first wrap yarn around your fingers to create a thick and tight circle. Then remove the yarn circle from your finger and run the length of the yarn tightly around the center to form the pom-pom ball. Tie tightly, cut all ends, and fan the pom-pom poof into place.

Photography in collaboration with Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.

PS. More festive yarn use here.

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