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tassel garland invitations

Tassel Garland Invitations

Inviting friends to a party this fall? Forgo the normal note on a paper and send a length of tassel strewn garland instead! The garland adds a dose of spunk to your party offer and will certainly be an invitation that does not get ignored.

I’ve always loved the idea of inviting guests with something special – it really sets the stage for a great party. These festive invites are simple to put together and a nice surprise for dinner, drinks or treats this fall.

Tassel Garland Invites

Tassel Garland Invitations

Tassel Garland Invitations

To make the tassel garland invitations you will need to first make your tassels, we used colorful tissue paper and followed these easy pendant tassel lights instructions from our archives.

Next pick a length of ribbon or string to hang the garland on. The easiest way to make the garland (especially if your making them in mass quantities) is to print out the garland text, leaving about an inch between the letters. You can print as many copies as needed. Then cut the letters out in a flag shape to form the garland banner. Alternatively, you could simply cut the paper and hand print your letters on, or use stickers to form the garland.

Tassel garland invitations

When putting the garland together, lay out the text printed letters and tassels and begin combining them. Tying the tassels on and folding the letters over to secure with glue is a simple way to bring these garland details to life.

Tassel Garland Invitations

So that your guests know what party you are asking them to attend – attach a tag, or longer paper to the end of the garland with the party information printed on one or both sides. The invites should fold up to fit nicely in a 5×7 kraft envelope.

The tassel garland is a fun surprise to open and with this type of presentation, how could they not say, “yes”!

(Photography by Erin Holland for A Subtle Revelry)

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