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thank you notes

In the flurry of the holiday take down (Have you started yet? Our tree is still decorated!), I am finding myself incredibly thankful for all we have to celebrate and the awesome people who make it happen for us. These two printable thank you cards were designed by Carly Taylor for issue one of Styled. They are clean, pretty and have that feeling of a fresh new year. Print them by clicking here.



  1. Monica

    4 January

    Thank you for these! Soooo pretty!

  2. Shadia

    4 January

    Oh how lovely!

  3. Lena

    4 January

    They’re gorgeous, and just what I needed after so much holiday generosity!

  4. Supal

    4 January

    I was going to pick some up tomorrow, but instead i’ll get these printed! So beautiful, thank you!

  5. bianca

    4 January

    Saying “thank you” in French has got to be my favorite to send gratitude! Love it!

  6. Rach

    4 January

    Very sweet cards. And no, I definitely haven’t started taking down any of the decorations yet, haha!

  7. LisaDay

    5 January

    I still have to write mine. Sadly, I have the pretty cards but everyone claims they can’t read my writing. I suggest trying harder. Happy New Year.


  8. Emily

    5 January

    I just got back from Paris and after seeing this post, I WANT those thank you (Merci) cards! :)


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