The Best Christmas Candles • A Subtle Revelry

The Best Christmas Candles

Christmas Eve is only two weeks away. Something about this time of year makes me desperately want to slow down and enjoy every last moment. Lighting candles and sharing stories in the evenings, whether with friends or family, makes time seem to stop and makes everything seem more celebratory. Here are my favorite candles to light or gift this holiday season:

votives | candle in jar #1 | candle in jar #2 | candles in lavender | making candles | candle houses

Graphic done in collaboration with Alli Michelle.

  1. Yelle

    10 December

    Ooo a candle in a jar filled with lavender buds, beautiful!

  2. Josie

    10 December

    I have suddenly become obsessed with candles and want to have one burning all the time. All these look lovely, shall have to check them out.

  3. Raya

    10 December

    I love the paper castle candle and the lavender filled jar! Beautiful.

    • Victoria

      11 December

      Yes, pretty to look at and to smell:) Tis the season!

  4. Lena

    11 December

    Those candles in Weck jars are just so lovely!

  5. McKenzie

    14 December

    I am dying for a lovely scented candle for Christmas! It’s on the list haha! and I agree with you, I love that about Christmas, it is such a reason to be together and enjoy the important things :)

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