I have some exciting news to share today… This summer I am writing a book! I cannot share too much about it yet, but I am so pleased to have recently signed with Abrams to publish a project I am crazy excited about writing. I can tell you it will definitely be the voice of A Subtle Revelry, but in a format you don’t see much directly on this site. It is a huge undertaking and I’ve been working behind the scenes to put together the right team to make it all happen.

You won’t notice any changes around here, since blogging will always have first place in my work week and heart. Last year, I wrote about the difficult decision of turning down a book deal because it wasn’t the right offer or time for me. Now that I have signed with a publisher I feel great about, to write the book I really wanted to see come to life, it all makes perfect sense.

Lesson learned – Stay true to your passion and voice, and when the timing is right, what you really want will eventually come to pass.

{Photo by Couverture and The Garbstore}