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The Churro Bar

Standing at the center of our game night was a make-your-own Churro bar. I was thrilled with the idea of designing this piece for the celebration and now that the night is over I absolutely adore it even more. It was a hit… a huge hit with our guests! I love that it is a unique take on desserts and would fit in nicely with so many celebrations, perhaps even for a wedding.

The Churros were purchased from our local bulk store (Costco) pre-formed but uncooked. A toaster oven was set up on the long dessert table with directions to cook each churro for 2 minutes.

Once the churro was cooked it could be rolled in cinnamon sugar, nutmeg or Oreo pieces. Just so you know, I may have eaten four of them rolled in cinnamon sugar during the festivities- seriously four, they were amazing!

We also set out a few small bowls for dipping- chocolate sauce, caramel and ice cream hit the spot when mixed with the warm scrumptious dough.

I made school ruled paper labels to inform our guests at each station what they should do. To recreate this simply download the labels by clicking below and circle the appropriate station at your own Churro bar.

I loved that this unique take on party sweets really blessed our guests. Done on a small scale it would even be a fun way to do a family dinner dessert, or an evening with close friends. I cannot think of a time when hosting a make-your-own Churro bar would not be the perfect way to celebrate. Enjoy!

Photography by Carly Taylor



  1. blair

    26 October

    i’m totally stealing this idea.
    you’re wonderful.

  2. love it!!!

  3. What a fabulous setup- fun and yummy!

  4. Wow – what an awesome idea and a totally unique “bar!”

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  7. Lena

    26 October

    Fabulous! Such a clever idea, and I love the toaster oven as part of the decor!

  8. Christine

    26 October

    Absolutely incredible!! I just love this idea, thanks for the drool-worthy post (I gushed about it on my blog today!).

  9. Melanie

    26 October

    I love churros. Such a good idea.

  10. Jamie

    26 October

    Oh my gosh! This is genious! And I love churros! Rolled and dipped churros sound like heaven for my mouth! Thanks for the fab idea!

  11. chelsea

    27 October

    WOW. how creative and fun. such great ideas. you are a little party-planning/designing genius Vic. Love it! Great job.

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  13. mer

    4 November

    oh my goodnes…this is genius!

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  15. Megan S.

    15 August

    Hi! You have such a wonderful blog – such creative inspiration. I read it daily! Last month, on my blog, we searched for the best churro in Los Angeles. We found it at Mr. Churro in Olvera Street – churros stuffed with hot caramel, custard, chocolate or strawberry. This post reminds me of the churros you can get there and I am so excited to host a churro party! Thank you for the great ideas. If you are ever in LA, make sure to check out Mr. Churro!

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  17. becca

    5 October

    oh my gosh- Pinned this a while ago and just ran across it again. Can’t wait to do this sometime!

  18. YVONNE

    4 February

    Love it, will do this for daughter’s 15th Birthday party. She love Churros! Awesome ideas… I would never thought of this. Thanks. ;)

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