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The Cutest Embroidery Canvas Art + Free Template

Inside: The Cutest Embroidery Canvas Art

Let me first start by saying I am NOT a pro embroidery expert, girl I am far from it. But I have always loved the look of hand-embroidered art, it is just so charming and cute. Plus you can tell someone really put their heart and soul into it. So, I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate embroidery into DIY projects that I make. Since I am a beginner, I like to stay with the easiest stitches and projects I know won’t be overly complicated. That is why when I ran on to the idea of Embroidery Canvas art, I knew I had to try it. What I love about this is it’s all up to your skill, you can do simple stitches like the split stitch to the most complicated!

Embroidery Canvas

No matter your skill level these Embroidery Canvas Art is the perfect idea for your next DIY project. We created a cute set of four different plant-themed art pieces that added the perfect dash of fun to our space. Check out how we made these Embroidered beauties, and try it for yourself!

Embroidery Canvas

What You Need to Make Embroidery Canvas Art

There aren’t too many supplies you need to make this DIY, here is what we used:

Embroidery Canvas

How to Make Embroidery Canvas Art

Now we get to the fun part! Here is how to make these cute Embroidery Canvas art pieces:

Embroidery Canvas

  1. First, you will want to pick out fun colors and embroidery flosses that pair well together.
  2. Then use your paint to add a fun circle to the center of your canvas. I like these less perfect look, but you can do whatever makes you happy.
  3. Let that dry and then cut out your template and trace it onto the canvas.
  4. Using a needle and embroidery floss create a simple split stitch along your outline.
  5. Make sure to knot your floss when finished and hang up for everyone to see!
How to make canvas wall art

DIY wall art

A Few Helpful Tips & Tricks

Like I said before, I am not embroidery expert, but here are a few tricks I learned while making these Embroidery canvases!

Plant Art

  1. First, when you are tracing your template onto the canvas, be mindful of where the frame lays. You don’t want to poke your needle through and not be able to go all the way because you’re hitting the wood frame.
  2. Take it slow. This is a hard one for me because I like instant results and find myself rushing to do a project because I am so excited. But if you slow down and take your time, then you will totally love your finished product that much more.
  3. Practice on a test canvas. Since canvas isn’t usually the first thing people embroider on, it can be a little different. If you can practice on a smaller canvas that you won’t be using, then you can get the feel your DIY.
House Plant DIY

Our Free Printable Embroidery Canvas Template

We used a fun plant theme for our embroidery canvas art and we loved it so much we wanted to share with you, for FREE!

Embroidery Canvas Template

Let us know in the comments your favorite design! Happy Stitching!

(Photos @ASubtleRevelry created for us by Whitney Gray)

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