The Easiest Decal Photo Wall

A few weeks ago I ordered these new wall decals from Pinhole Press – and they are amazing! We redesigned our family photo wall and I just cannot stop walking by, staring at it and smiling. They are perfect for renters (like myself) because they stick easily on the wall, and come right off to move and reuse. I also noticed, when hanging them up, that they are great for a gal who doesn’t love to measure. I could stick a couple photos up, step back, and then straighten to make the wall perfect.

We chose photos from the last two years to use on the wall, and the small square decals even printed at great quality from my Instagram account. I love the story the wall shares; being able to mix the larger photo session quality photos, along with the everyday photos taken from my phone. And I can keep adding to the wall without worrying about matching frames, colors etc.

Pinhole Press is a beloved sponsor of A Subtle Revlery, and they graciously allowed me to order these decals at no cost and share them with you. The amazing review is all my own opinion, they really are that great!

PS. We’ve been working on a lot of home decor updates lately, making our house feel more celebratory in every corner. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the festive projects after the new year.

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Posted November 29, 2012
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5 Responses to “The Easiest Decal Photo Wall”

  1. angel says:

    I love that idea!! NEVER thought of it! hmmm. Thank you! I think it will be hard to stop at just a few ;)

  2. Victoria, thank you so much for sharing these AMAZING wall decals! I immediately fell in love with them! What awesome flexibility they offer for changing out a photo display. I believe when we put together a gallery type wall with framed photos, we are hesitant to change it…and we always have new events and photos in our lives! I was just thinking about how to display photos from a wedding and this will be perfect! Have a lovely weekend!

    • Victoria says:

      Cindy, totally! I had frames up before and it was hard to want to add photos, then when I wanted to I couldn’t find the right shade paint to match what I had the frames painted in. This makes me much happier:)

  3. McKenzie says:

    They look so great! I love the difference of the smaller and larger photos :)

  4. erin says:

    Such an awesome idea!