Celebrate National Pie Day!

This week we celebrated national pie day! Although I am traditionally more of a cake girl, I’ve really come around to pie’s this year. Especially when they are served in cute boxes, when you can write inside of them, when they are placed inside a cake, or when I can buy them for 69 cents!

To celebrate the holiday of the pie, I asked my friend Meadow who owns Levi’s Pies to serve up a small selection for us to try. We had a miniature pie tasting after dinner this week, and seriously each one was better than the next. It was great fun to taste the pies in miniature form. We each got a bite of so many amazing flavors, and the explosion of fruit was just the sweetness I needed while waiting for spring.

National Pie Day

National Pie Day

Although Levi’s Pies are definitely worth the order (her Turtle Brownie Chess kills me it’s so good!) I’ve collected of some of my favorite pie recipes, each one perfect for hosting a miniature pie tasting. Just set out the mini’s, forks and small plates. Friends will come running for pie and you’ll have an instant pie party, no matter what day it is!

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