the Imperfect Party Challenge. • A Subtle Revelry

the Imperfect Party Challenge.

We have a winner!!!

First, to abide by the new FTC rules I am letting you all know that this contest & this post are sponsored (meaning I was given an item worth money to pass on to you). It is important for you to know, so that when I say, “Anthroplogie is the most amazing store that has ever existed, it is my favorite place to shop and that I wish I could just move right in and drool over their home goods section forever” I may have a financial bias. Although, lets be real, if you read here daily you know this is statement is honestly true- even for free.

So today, and any other time in the future something @ the city cradle is sponsored you will see this new little banner.

Now on to the fun….

We have a winner. Congrats to Lisa who submitted her Secret Spy Agent party. Lisa is now the proud owner of a $100 gift card to that very lovely store- Anthropologie. If you haven’t seen her party check it out, her ideas are brilliant!

Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge. I have had a blast with you all this week and have been enamored and inspired myself by the loveliness presented here.

Check back in just a bit to see a handful of the loveliest details submitted…


PS. The 30×30 contest is still going on, I would love you to come see the new project + you could win a spa gift card.

  1. […] Thanks to these amazing women for submitting their ideas and to everyone else who has participated in the contest. If you haven’t heard the winner was announced HERE. […]

  2. Lisa

    19 March

    Thank you Vicky. I’m super happy about this. It made my week. ;)

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