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this is how I feel today

This is how I feel today… Seriously. Like I want to wear yellow eyeliner and just start dancing. Thank you for receiving the newest issue of Styled. magazine so incredibly well. I have been super encouraged with all the emails, tweets and postings that you have sent. The Internet is the best because it allows me to create passion projects like this and meet amazing people like you to share it with. I am happy. Thank you.

Taking off a little early this weekend to rest, celebrate with the Mr. and enjoy the first signs of fall! Looking forward to getting back to daily blogging next week, finally introducing a couple new fall columns and sharing a DIY project that will bring a whole bunch of fun to your next birthday.

Have a very happy first weekend of fall friends.

Photo via Clarabelleblog



  1. Lena

    8 September

    Such a wonderful photo, and an amazing feeling!

  2. Rebecca

    8 September

    You deserve the break, Victoria – have a fantastic weekend. I cannot wait to see your DIY project and your new columns! :)

  3. Nicole

    8 September

    You deserve to party like the girl in the photo, the new issue is INCREDIBLE!! And it may be the excuse for me getting very little work done yesterday… Congrats!

    • Victoria

      9 September

      Nicole, hope you didn’t get in too much trouble for slacking on work but I am very happy you loved the magazine. Thanks!

  4. Laura

    8 September

    It’s only natural to express those feelings of joy outwardly with bright colors!! You are a butterfly :) Love the magazine, can’t wait to share it with all my friends- they will love it too!!

  5. Rach

    8 September

    Aww fabulous! I’m so glad life is so sunny for you right now! :)

  6. blue fruit

    8 September

    Just finished devouring this delicious new issue.

    I loved the first issue – but you have outdone yourselves on this gorgeous little number. So much to savour – and here we are in spring in Australia, and I was just getting excited, but now you are making me wistful for autumn all over again!

  7. Corrie Anne

    8 September

    Congratulations!! Enjoy the weekend – you deserve it!

  8. deirdre

    9 September

    I love the idea of a flippable internet magazine. SO AWESOME! And beautiful. Thank you!

  9. Emily

    9 September

    Can we be friends? How can I arrange a coffee date? I’d like to pick your brain and just let all your good taste rub off on me. :) I have a blog-crush and just wanted to say I heart ALL your ideas!!! {swoons into oblivion}

    • Victoria

      9 September

      Emily, I would love to be friends! Thanks for being so sweet:)

  10. Allison

    9 September

    Hi Victoria, I really enjoyed the second issue. I had a question though. Is there a way to “pin” some of the ideas from inside the issue onto my Pinterest account? I understand if you want to protect your work but it may increase your readership if readers were able to share what they loved from each issue.
    Thanks for considering it.

    • Victoria

      9 September

      Allison thanks! There is currently no way to “pin” material from a digital magazine. It’s a program thing, not me! I am guessing soon someone will find a way:) Until then, if there is an idea you love I would encourage you to follow the style/photography link because there is a good chance that contributor has posted a few photos on their own sites, which you can definitely pin. Hope that helps!

  11. Tina@FlyingHouse

    9 September

    Victoria!!! Oh my GOODNESS!!!!! Wow!! This was completely amazing! I have been waiting to find a few quiet moments to sit down so I could enjoy flipping through the latest issue and it is brilliant!! Congrats to you! You SO deserve it! Hugs and blessings from Copenhagen!

  12. Jennie

    10 September

    Enjoy all your celebrations this weekend! You earned it, girl!

  13. Brett Bralley

    10 September

    The issue is absolutely beautiful. You have so much to be proud of! I wish I could pick your brain and ask you tons of questions about how you pulled it all off.

  14. Miranda

    11 September

    Mmm, this picture makes me smile. I can imagine how you felt.
    Hope your weekend is great. I can’t wait for the new columns.

  15. ladynoble

    12 September

    Love it! The great cover photo pulled me in and I was just as pleased with the content inside. Thanks for the inspiration, I will be back!

  16. Oh, I am not at ALL surprised you feel so elated… the magazine is incredible…

    … the stunning images of artichokes and flowers shot from above make me want to pick up my pen and get drawing (I have been planning an artichoke print for some time now)… it’s all so beautiful. Can’t wait to have a little more free time to pour over it some more.


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