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thumbprint popsicles

Thumbprint popsicles | A Subtle RevelryThumbprint popsicles | A Subtle Revelry

Falling in love with the very popular thumbprint cookie was easy to do this year. I mean, how do you resist an amazing jam flavor wrapped inside another sweet? I decided the trend should continue on into summer, and am pleased to introduce you today to my favorite new frozen treat – thumbprint popsicles!

You can make the popsicles in so many different flavors, a few of our favorites are noted above. The mixture of frozen pop and textured filling becomes a real treat for a warm summer day.

Thumbprint popsicles | A Subtle RevelryThumbprint popsicles | A Subtle Revelry

To make the thumbprint popsicles you will first need to whip up a batch of easy to freeze popsicles; we used chocolate jello, frozen pina colada juice, and mashed strawberries with a bit of honey.

Make your popsicles and insert sticks when semi-hard. Freeze. When ready, remove pops from mold and place heart-shaped cookie cutter on center of one side of a popsicle. Trace the heart shape with a knife and carefully scoop out the center. Fill with marshmallow fluff, preserves, etc. Have fun experimenting and creating frozen treats with a variety of flavor combinations.

Thumbprint Popsicles | A Subtle Revelry

Project design and photography by Athena Plichta for A Subtle Revelry. See more sweet treats right here.

  1. Michelle

    12 June

    Wow! So cute!

  2. Kathleen

    13 June

    Strawberry and marshmallow fluff? Yes please!!

  3. Love thos popsicles!!! So cute ?

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  6. Great idea, and they look so adorable! :D

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