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Toucan Donuts

Toucan Donuts

There are some days when nothing but a cute donut will hit the spot. These adorable toucan donuts are just the right mix of whimsy and fun.

As great as flamingos are, I’ve been dreaming up a few different birds to design around and toucans with their graphic punch might be my new favorite of the bunch.

The toucan donuts are sparkly, colorful, and ready to take center stage as the best thing on the table at our next party.

Toucan Donuts

Toucan Donuts

Toucan Donuts
To make the toucan donuts you will need:

Toucan Donut Printable

1. Print out our toucan donut template (for personal use only) and cut along the lines to make as many toucans as you’ll need. This part of the donut isn’t edible obviously, but it’s an easy way to turn everyday mini-donuts into something really fun!

Toucan Donuts

2. Because the chocolate donuts are a lighter color than preferred for these graphic toucans, we added black sprinkles. This is totally optional but they turned out great! Simply take your paintbrush and spread honey in a thin layer over the entire donut. Dip in sprinkles or pour over for a sparkly bird that is ready to party.

Toucan Donuts

3. Cut down 4 toothpicks for each donut, about 3/4″ long. Dab a bit a glue on the back of each of the toucan pieces. Secure a toothpick for the head, wings, and tail.

Toucan Donuts

Pull it all together by sticking the toothpicks into the donuts for a graphic dose of feathery party style. These tasty little treats are sure to brighten every celebration.

(Graphic design + photography ©A Subtle Revelry by our newest contributor Alyson Lott).

  1. BASH

    10 February

    […] Subtle Revelry! I’ll be doing lots of party DIYs that are bright and fun! First up are these awesome toucan donuts and I made those printables so you can easily download them and print them out. Have […]

  2. Jordan

    11 February

    Adorable! I love donuts and making them look cute is always a plus. Might have to try this at a spring party!

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