For date night last weekend Matt and I attended our first ever Paint Nite. Have you been to one of these before? We got the Orchid Thai happy hour and painted a waterfall! It was a blast learning, engaging and just doing something new together.

One of the things we sometimes lose as a marriage ages and the kids needs creep in is getting out and doing new things together. One of our New Year’s resolutions was to do more of this. For the last couple years, we’ve just kind of gotten in a date night rut. We have one Reno restaurant that we go to about 75% of our date nights and although it’s great to get out together and eat in peace… I’ve been missing the experience of doing fun things together. Before kids, having great experiences as dates was a hallmark of our relationship and I’m excited to get back to this. To do it though we have to be intentional. We’ve bought ourselves some concert tickets, planned a swing dance date, and happily enjoyed this Paint Nite to kick off the year.


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Our artist was Ashley Silva-Howe and I was honestly surprised at how good she was at teaching and directing us. Although there is a lot of creative work involved in running this blog, I would NEVER call myself an artist. Painting (other than balloons) has never been my forte, but it sure was fun to try. Let’s just say I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon. ;)

One of the things she taught us was about shadowing. She used a paper plate to show us what it looks like to envision the sun shining down from one side of the painting and how to blend our colors to get a deepening shadow as we moved away from the sun. Not only was it a fun date, but it’s always great to learn something new and I’ve been thinking about how to apply some of her tips even to the photography and graphic design we do here daily.


Plus, we got a chance to try a new Orchid Thai restaurant and see this awesome rainbow pole art exhibit.


Use our 35% discount code REVELRY35 to make it to a Paint Nite near you – the code is good until the end of 2017!