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25 Wild Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

Christmas is a holiday full of traditions and I happen to love many of them. But I do have to say, one of my all time favorite (not-so-serious) Christmas traditions are ugly Christmas Sweater parties. I’m so excited about these 13 wild ugly Christmas sweater party ideas to make this year’s holiday party the best one yet!

25 ugly Christmas sweater party ideasUgly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas

DIY Sweater Contest

Who says you’ve gotta show up already done up?! I love the idea of making DIY ugly sweaters as the party’s main event. Have each guest bring a plain sweater and then, as the host, provide craft supplies to decorate them with. I mean the basis your ugly Christmas sweater party ideas should be the sweaters after all!

Think pom poms, jingle bells, glitter glue, ribbon, bows, decals, patches, and more. Make it into a fun contest to see who can create the ugliest sweater! Everyone gets to wear their custom creations throughout the party, so be sure to make this first on the agenda.

Ugly Christmas sweater ballot box

Ballot Box

At an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, the goal is to have the ugliest sweater of all. Whether it’s so ugly it’s cute or just downright hideous, there’s gotta be an award for the ugliest of the sweaters.

This ballot box is a great addition to our ugly Christmas sweater party ideas to accomplish the competitive fun side without a hitch!

DIY Photo Booth

With hilariously epic attire at the center of the event, it’s obviously got to be documented. How fun to set up a DIY Photo Booth to capture everyone having a great time in their ugly sweaters. Provide fun Christmas-themed props like reindeer noses, Santa hats, and mistletoe to make it even more fun!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Invitations

Ugly Christmas sweater ballot box

Christmas Tree Party Invitation

These invitations are made up of tiny paper Christmas tree garland and are a unique way to communicate party details. Each little tree has information like the date, time, and location of the party. You could even use this idea but instead of trees, do mini ugly sweaters to go with the party theme!

It’s About to Get Ugly

These customizable e-invites couldn’t be cuter! What better way to tell friends about a last-minute party without breaking the bank or taking the time to address each one?

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Decorations

“Ugly” Christmas Tree

Instead of a perfectly decorated tree with color coordinated lights and ornaments, opt for some a la carte decor, mixing and matching as much as you can! Just like an ugly sweater, an ugly tree will have all different elements, Think tinsel, garland, bows, handmade ornaments and store bought ones too, bulbs, and a funky topper of course!

I particularly enjoy this colorful llama one!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Decorations

Tinsel Weave Wall Hanging

Wildly fun for a Christmas celebration, this tinsel weave wall hanging is the perfect funky decor for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! It’s colorful and eye catching, just like any good ugly sweater should be. They’re truly the perfect pair.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Games

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Games

Reindeer Antlers

If your ugly sweater didn’t already make you look silly enough, don’t worry…this Reindeer Antler game will! It’s a wearable inflatable ring toss game that’s a must to add to your list of ugly Christmas sweater party ideas.

Snowball Fight

All you need to play this game are some cotton balls, ping pong balls, a bucket, and a group of people who want to have some fun! One player will stand at one end of the room and the other players opposite. The single player will try to toss as many ping pong balls into the bucket as they can while the other players toss cotton balls at them! The player who can get the most ping pong balls into the bucket, in a minute, while being pegged with “snow balls” is the winner.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas & Games

Ugly Sweater Selfie Scavenger Hunt

This is the cutest little scavenger hunt that everyone can play at your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! It’s selfie style, so individual or groups work, as everyone races the clock and the other players to see who can take the most selfies doing all of the Christmas things!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Food

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Drinks

Ugly Sweater Sidecar

What’s a party without a signature cocktail? I love this tangerine rosemary sidecar cocktail, and with the peel cutout shaped like a Christmas tree, it’s perfect for the holiday season. But, for an ugly Christmas sweater party ideas list it hits the top, I think it’d be so stinkin’ cute to do a sweater shaped cutout instead! Cheers :)

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Ideas For FoodUgly Christmas sweater cookies

Prep ’em ahead of time, or simply bake sugar cookies in sweater shapes and let your party guests decorate them on their own. It’d be a sweet little contest to see who can make the ugliest (but still tastiest) treat!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Music Tune List

A party’s not complete without some great background music. This tune list is perfect for an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party because it’s got some fun and whimsical soundtracks to go along with the Christmas classics that everyone will be hoping to hear. You can bet you’ll find the Holiday Magic playlist at my party this year!

I’ve always loved coming up with wild ugly Christmas sweater parties ideas and now I’m even more excited to host and attend some this Christmas season. Do you have any silly ideas to share? Would love to add them to my list!

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