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Unicorn Rainbow Noodle Recipe

Unicorn Rainbow Noodles

It’s the dead of winter when rainbows mean the most! Don’t you think? I spotted these rainbows noodles and about died from the love! I’m going to show you how to make your own rainbow noodles at home to brighten up the mid-winter weekend, but first…

This week was crazy! We took a huge leap that we needed to take and changed website servers, which sounds WAY less stressful than it actually is. ;) It also meant we weren’t able to post the last couple days. Which was hard because I’ve been dying to share our final Master Bedroom Closet renovation here with you. Now that we are back up and running, I’ll be sharing it Monday.

How’s your start of the year going? Between travel and business – I’m still catching my breath. But, Matt and I just booked our tickets to London and Scotland for our 15th Anniversary trip. If you have any amazing suggestions of what we need to see, please share! I’ve never been to either place and an very excited for the trip.

And now, for the weekend, here’s a fun way to brighten up any meal with a unicorn rainbow noodle recipe…

Colored Glass Noodles

Rainbow Noodle Recipe

To make the rainbow noodles start with glass noodles that can be found in the Asian section of many grocery stores or right here online.

Susan colored these ones with red cabbage which gets you that purple noodle effect. To color your own glass noodles, simply place your noodles in a pot of water and boil with the cabbage. The less water, the darker the noodles will be.

Once that is done divide the noodles and turn some of them pink. To turn the purple noodles pink just add a squeeze of lemon juice. It quickly turns the deep purple color into pink. Pink noodles! They are THIS easy to make. To read more in the science of how this all works, I love the Indigo Kitchen’s post about it, the process is really interesting.

To get the full unicorn rainbow noodle effect, take the colored glass noodles and add in asparagus, peas, shredded chicken, beetroot sprouts, pepperwort, chili slices and peanuts. Top with edible flowers for a dish that looks as magical as it tastes.

PS. I also love Rainbow Unicorn Toast and Rainbow Grilled Cheese… really I think I just love Rainbow Unicorn EVERYTHING!

Cheers to putting a little brightness back in our winter days.

(Photography and recipe creation ©SUSAN BROOKS-DAMMANN/Stocksy United).

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