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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas For Adults – A Guide

There are so many fun ideas for adult-oriented Valentine’s Day Parties. While you may wisely choose to temporarily close the Kissing Booth in this era of CoronaVirus, there are still many excellent games and activities that you can do to make your party a success. 

We have gathered dozens of great ideas for creative types of food and drink, interesting props and DIY Valentine’s decoration ideas, and fun adult party games. They will make excellent additions to create a sizzling Valentine’s Day Party. Take a look at our list and see what intrigues you.

Valentine Themed Food & Drink

  • Cocktails: With all respect to teetotalers, don’t let them serve the drinks at your party. You’ve got to have alcoholic cocktails at an adult Valentine’s Day party! Responsible drinking is a great way to create a relaxed environment for your partygoers. 

There are so many fun romantic drinks to include on the menu.Sexy styled drinks include the Blushing Geisha, the Red Lotus, and the Kentucky Kiss.

  • Goodie-Bags: Adults also love candy bags! And everyone likes to go home with a party bag. Prepare a goodie-bag for every guest to take home. Fill these bags with assorted types of candies, nuts, chocolates, and other sweets. 
  • Hershey Kisses: What else needs to be said? Flood the entire party place with Hershey kisses. They are delicious and cute.  If you can find the really large ones, set them up as edible props on various tables.
  • Heart-Shaped Ice Cubes: Go to your local party store, or Bed Bath and Beyond, and look for Valentine’s Day-themed ice-cube molds. Cute heart-shaped ice-cubes will give your drinks some added romantic sizzle.
  • Heart-Shaped Goodies: You can bake heart-shaped cookies or set up a station for heart-shaped cheese and crackers. You can also make alcoholic heart-shaped Jell-O shots along with other heart-shaped goodies. You can even make heart-shaped hamburgers. Get creative with the love theme.
  • Love Potion Drinks: Create a fun drinking center or bar where the beverages are marked as “love potions”. You can fill up a punch bowl and mark it “The Love Elixir”. Keep an eye out for any mischievous devil trying to spike the punch.
  • Heart-Shaped Fruit Salad: Use cutting molds to make a sexy fruit salad made up of large, small, and medium-sized, heart-shaped fruits. Fruit-salads are great for parties. Use romantic fruits like strawberries, melons, mangos, and other curvaceous fruits. Spice it up with a Valentine style fruit salad. 
  • Invite With A Kiss: Send out old- fashioned romantic invites with good old snail mail. Give adequate time for them to respond before the date of the party. Seal each envelope with a luscious lipstick kiss. There are many great digital options for invites as well with Valentine’s Day themes, ranging from the classy to the raunchy. Above all know your guests and don’t offend them.
  • Conversation Cookies: Buy or bake colorful heart-shaped cookies. Draw fun messages on them to get the conversation going between your guests. “Kiss Me”. “Love you”. “What’s your number?” That kind of thing. Worse comes to worse, you can always laugh it off and blame it on the cookie.

Valentine Designs

valentines day party ideas for adults
  • Heart-Shaped Balloons: Purchase colorful heart-shaped balloons and set them up across the entire room. You can also fill up a dozen helium balloons, and let them rise to the ceiling. Other balloon options include blowing up skinny balloons (those thin ones used to make animal balloons) to make them look like large candy sprinkles. You can tape these on the walls or on the wall over a candy/drinking section.
  • Pink & Red Balloons: Romantic colored balloons are a great complement to the overall theme of the party. Avoid yellow balloons. Yellow is the color of friendship. Your guests are looking for love. Stick with romantic colors like red, pink, and white balloons. Consider filling up a large “Love” helium balloon.
  • DIY Heart Balloons: You can customize your own elegant looking white balloons by sticking little red and pink heart stickers on them. Consider trying to fill the insides of the balloons with glitter without actually getting glitter down your esophagus. On second thought, maybe forget that last option.
  • Egg Carton Flowers: Use egg cartons to cut out and create interesting types of flowers. Use your imagination to create roses, tulips, and other types of flowers. Use your imagination. You can color them, paint them, or glue accessories to them. Create interesting bouquets out of these unique home-made flowers.
  • Pink Napkin Roses:  Elegant pink napkins can be very easily rolled to make realistic looking roses. Use these for a simple but beautiful makeshift napkin bouquet. Add white, red, and blue napkins to make colorful variations. These can easily be found in any local party store. 
  • Rose Petals: Here’s a fun way to enhance the scent of romance in the air.  Try strewing actual rose petals throughout the party. Place them on tables, countertops, in the bathroom, and near the drink/candy sections. Fact: Rose petals are also edible, I’m told.
  • Rose/Vanilla Scent:  You can spray some natural rose or vanilla scent in the air. Don’t go over the top with it. Just a few squirts will give the area a nice rose scent that won’t offend and irritate your guests. Nothing says “romance-killer” like an asthma attack. Or you can go the simple route with a sensual scented candle.
  • Valentine’s Day Toilet Accessories: Stock up the restroom with heart-shaped soaps, candles, heart-themed towels, etc. You can also enhance the romance in the air by handing out heart-shaped bath fizzers to all of your guests as small take-home gifts.
  • Candle-Light Party: Depending on the tone of the evening,  you may want to eschew electric lighting entirely and just use candle lighting. Nothing says romance like candlelight. Be careful and have a fire extinguisher handy. Nightlights (heart-shaped or otherwise) are also a great way to provide soft, innocuous light.

Valentine’s Day Games & Activities/Props

valentines day party ideas for adults
  • Cupid Costumes: As the host of the party, why not dress up as a randy devil, a cupid, or some other romantic theme? Nothing says naughty like a devil suit. Try setting up a costume section for those who want to dress up with you. Set up a fun photo booth section designed with love-themed motifs and silly props so your guests can capture their sexy memories.
  • Who’s Who?: This is one of those great party games that you can start from the moment your guests enter the party. Get a bunch of white labels and write the names of various romance movies. Stick it on the back of your guests with the instructions that they can ask general questions about the movie on their back. See who is able to figure it out. Have prizes for the winners.
  • Bow and Arrows: You can purchase nerf bow and arrow sets and hand them out to your guests as door prizes. Every true cupid worth his weight needs a bow and arrow. Always aim true and be careful who you target. At the end of the party, the rowdier guests can take turns trying to pop the balloons.
  • Movie-Room: This is an excellent but simple option for those who want a change of pace. For the lazy, tired, or for those who just want some quiet, have a classic romantic movie playing in one of the rooms. You can go silly or classic.
  • Twister: This famous classic party game is a no-brainer for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says “how do you do” like a  game where you have to contort yourself like a pretzel between the legs of a total stranger. Introverts and prudes may want to sit this one out, along with those who have back problems. If nothing else, it will amuse those who just sit and watch.
  • Never Have I: Here’s how you play.  Every guest holds a drink in her hand. Players take turns talking about something they have never done. “Never have I” and then fill in the blank with some raunchy, twisted, or amusing statement of something they haven’t done. For those for whom the statement is true, they do nothing that particular round. Those who are guilty of the offense have to take a drink. Continue moving around the room. Rinse and repeat.
  • Heart Pinata: You can never go wrong with a pinata. A heart-shaped pinata is a fun activity to get the group going. Fill up the pinata with hundreds of heart-shaped candies chocolates, and whatever other goodies might be appropriate to fill a Valentine’s Day pinata. Take turns hitting the heart until it breaks. Hopefully, that will be the only broken heart of the evening.
  • Truth Or Dare: This is the perfect party game for Valentine’s Day. It’s a great way to get your party-goers to speak with each other and have fun. Once the ice is broken, players will have more fun opening up. Cocktails are naturally an excellent accompaniment to this game. You can customize the game yourself with naughty truth or dare options.
  • Guess The Name of that Song!: Have fun with your guests guessing the names of rock bands or the names of certain love-themed songs. Try different genres of music and different eras. Mix it up and be eclectic in your selections.
  • Guess The Filling: Nougat or Peanut butter? Buy several boxes of elegant mixed chocolates. Have players take turns eating chocolates and trying to guess the filling. Alternative Version: If the guests agree, you can make a rule that anyone who guesses wrong has to take a swig of an alcoholic drink. Make it light and fun so that non-drinkers don’t feel pressured to drink. 
  • Valentine’s Day Ring Toss: Paint some glass bottles with nice romantic colors. Have players take turns throwing heart-shaped rings and try to land them on the neck of the bottle. Play as individuals or with teams. You can also buy large candy canes and use them to launch your heart rings.
  • Heart-To-Heart: This is a type of silly race where players have to move a balloon from one side of the room to the other by just using their chest. No hands! If the balloon falls to the floor, the player has to start again. Set up two teams and let the race begin. The winning team gets a prize.
  • Minute To Win It Games: These fun quick games are excellent tools to get a party started. They move quickly and allow everyone to get involved. Some excellent examples  they suggest include the following: 
  • Candy Pick-Up/Candy Chopsticks: Have players take turns collecting tiny heart-shaped candies with chopsticks and transferring them from one plate to another. Players have one minute to play this fun game which requires good coordination and dexterity. It’s a fun and fast way to get everyone involved. For added fun, you can design fun Valentine-themed chopsticks beforehand.
  • Bouncing Hearts: Cut a hole in a large gift box, and decorate it to look like a giant heart. Take turns bouncing small balls to see who gets the most balls through the hole. You can decorate the balls with little hearts or happy faces. The player with the most balls wins.
  • Kissing Booth/Section: Use your imagination. Create a kissing booth out of a large refrigerator box. Make sure you cut a door or you will have the world’s most useless kissing booth. Put some effort so that it looks like a proper kissing booth and not some oversized carton you just found in the local dumpster. Decorate it with hearts and little Cupids, or however, you see fit.