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Valentine’s day craft ideas chalk vases

Valentine’s day craft ideas chalk vases

I am thrilled to be sharing one more project from our recycled-bottles-that-I-just-cannot-let-go-of today. I was supposed to throw these bottles out, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it… So they quickly became my most favorite Valentine’s Day craft ideas. 

Because I added a small square of chalk-board paint, wrote out the word LOVE.

Bought a few pink tulips, and made this…

Valentine's day craft ideas - chalkboard vases

Which, I think might be my favorite project yet, and so incredibly easy to make.

In case you missed the Advent Wreath tutorial here are the simple steps to create these vases:

  • Collect a few wine bottles
  • Spray paint them white, doing multiple light coats to prevent dripping
  • Using a felt brush paint on two coats of chalkboard paint in an imperfect square, centered on the front
  • Write in the word LOVE
  • Add water and then a few simple, pretty flowers

They make me smile. I am excited to share with you tomorrow a few other lovely items going into the store to continue our Black & White LOVE for this Valentines Day.


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  2. rob

    25 January

    pretty neat vicky!!! now get to painting that wall! ;) -Rob

  3. Marilyn

    26 January

    Wow, I should have saved my Christmas bottles I spray painted. These are so cute.

  4. Fawn

    11 February

    Those are beautiful

  5. Melissa

    12 February

    These are fabulous. Isn’t spray paint the greatest?! I have a large wine bottle I’m gonna have to try this on and add a black design that goes with some other stuff I have. Thanks for the great idea.

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  7. Those turned out so good. Now my wheels are turning.

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  9. Holly

    13 May

    I just found your site and I LOVE IT! This is such a cute idea – especially for weddings! I am going to let all our brides know about it – If I like to your blog will that be ok…. new to this so not quite sure on the ‘rules’!

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  12. I included a link to this post in my “101 coolest reusable craft ideas” post. I post about frugal ways to have a cool life while spending less, and this definitely made the list. These are really beautiful!

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  14. Eliza Jane

    2 February

    Oh wow, I only just discovered this! I am SO doing this this Valentine’s day!!! Thanks!

  15. Jenna

    13 February

    Cute! Here’s a fun tip: Throw a penny in each vase to help the tulips stand up straight!

  16. Eliza Jane

    13 February

    This is such a fantastic craft! Thank you for sharing. I did it this past week, and blogged about my results (while also crediting you and plugging your awesome blog).

  17. Alyssa

    20 August

    I just made these for a bridal shower I hosted and everyone LOVED them! <3
    Thanks for sharing!

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