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Vegetable Stamped Wrapping Paper

I can’t begin to explain how much I’ve been looking forward to stamping with vegetables this spring. I decided to try it first on a long roll of white butcher paper to make my own wrapping paper and I am thrilled with the results!

I love how easy this project is, and how many possibilities can be had by choosing different vegetables and cutting them at varying angles. My favorite by far was the carrot cut into a half moon shape. Repeated in long lines it gives a great, graphic punch.

To make the vegetable stamped wrapping paper, choose a few favorite veggies to work with. Besides the half moon carrots, I also loved how the cut brussel sprout flowers, the sliced bell peppers and the celery looked (you’ll see that one later this week).

Use acrylic paint and brush it onto the cut vegetables with a small foam brush (it lends to a cleaner stamp then dipping them). Press down on the paper to apply and let dry.

Photography done in collaboration with Pictilio for A Subtle Revelry.

  1. I love the brussel sprout print!!! And that huge piece of carrot pattern!? I wanna frame it and hang it on the wall!

    • Victoria

      18 March

      Rebecca, check back Wednesday;) I decided to frame the celery, it is even better than the carrots. Easy art, right… You could fill a wall for under 5 bucks!

  2. Freya

    18 March

    This is SUCH a fantastic idea. I really really love it. I’m sending this to my mom as well. I think I want to do this!

  3. Mareike

    19 March

    Great! I really love the carrot print.

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