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Vintage bike favors


Vintage bike favors in the perfect color yellow to brighten up our Mother’s Day brunch made me smile this weekend. They would also look amazing en masse for a wedding or some other large fabulous affair.

I made the bike key rings using this amazing product. Basically, you print onto it, bake it and it becomes plastic- I do not know how, but it works wonders. It was incredibly easy to use, even your kids could help with the project (not my kids, but your less handsy- older- more obedient children) could definitely help.


The picture print size needs to be three times the final product. I found a 4×6 size to be great for key chains. Below is the template I used to make the yellow bike favors, or use these same instructions to make any shape you desire.

Click on the button below to print out your bike template directly onto the shrinky plastic paper.


Once printed cut out around your shape- a benefit of shrinking paper is that your cuts do not have to be perfect to look great! Once cut, you will lay the shapes out on a old brown paper bag and bake them according to the paper’s instructions.

I punched a hole in the back of each bike to attach to the key chain.


As soon as they are done pull them out- flatten quickly with a paper towel and the palm of your hand.  Let cool for a few minutes before putting together.


Now I keep thinking of the hundred other designs that I definitely need to make with this stuff.



PS. The bouquet label will be up for printing later today.


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  2. Ashley L.

    16 April

    I remember this plastic stuff from my childhood! We called them “shrinky-dinks,” I think because they shrink in the oven. I haven’t seen or heard of this stuff in about 20 years! We used to rubber stamp on the plastic and then color them in with markers and then bake them. Very fun.

  3. Vicky

    16 April

    Yes, Ashley that is the exact name of what I used:) Your kiddos would love playing with them, I should try to send you some.

  4. I can’t wait to show this on my blog and link back! This is gorgeous! Thanks! Blessings.

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