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vintage fabric party hat

I am excited to introduce you today to the spring party hat series! Over the coming weeks I am going to share tips and ideas for creating party hats for any celebration from birthdays to Easter brunches.

A pretty vintage fabric party hat being the easiest project of them all! To make this hat simply purchase cheap paper party hats and find a vintage fabric print to use.

First take out the elastic band from the party hat. Using Mod Podge lightly coat the entire hat and gently rub down your fabric onto it. Let dry and cut around all sides leaving 1/4 inch to tun under. Turn under using your finger and a bit more Mod Podge. Punch small holes through the dry fabric where the original hat holes were placed and string with a pretty ribbon or bright elastic band. These hats make simple and pretty statements for birthday parties and they are so easy, a large grouping can be put together in about an hour!

Photography for this series done by Erin Holland. Thanks to my sweet friend Jessica for modeling.


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