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vintage ornament wrapping

Vintage Ornament Christmas Wrapping

Happy November! I am really excited about this coming couple months. Turkeys, pies, trees… bliss! I love the holidays and am thrilled to be jumping into a season of festive fun with you.

Here’s a quick idea that I wanted to share in enough time for collecting. A few years ago, I became enamored with vintage ornaments – they have such a funky nostalgic look. The ornaments are awesome for decorating trees and make even better wrapping details. If you start searching out the ornaments at thrift stores or online now, there is a great chance you can have a nice collection by December 1st.

Use vintage ornaments for fun holiday wrapping.

A collection of vintage ornaments

Use vintage ornaments for festive holiday wrapping.

There’s nothing new that can beat a collection of these hanging treasures. Pair the ornaments with graphic holiday wrapping for the perfect way to top a present come gift giving season.

(Photography © Natalie Jeffcott/Stocksy United).

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