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vintage ribbon party blowers

vintage ribbon party blowers

I happened upon a length of gorgeous vintage ribbon last month and am thrilled to have found the perfect project for it. Ribbon adorned party noise blowers!

They’ve become my new favorite detail for celebrating this spring. Use the party blowers to cheer along the birthday girl, to applaud the couple just being wed, or to brighten up this year’s Easter basket. They were a cinch to make, pretty to stack and festively fun to use.

Photography by Erin Holland for a subtle revelry.


  1. Liz

    19 March

    These are darling!

  2. queenie

    19 March

    ok – so they don’t unfurl when you blow them, though, do they? Really adorable. . . .ep

    • Victoria

      19 March

      Queenie, Thanks. No they don’t unfurl when you blow them, they just make a lovely loud noise! I used a dab of glue at the beginning and end of the ribbon roll to ensure it stays nicely in place. Have fun making them:)

  3. Sandra

    19 March

    Not only are these sweet but the tutorial explaining them is perfect! Without words…very stylish.

  4. Lena

    19 March

    Such fun!

  5. Corrie Anne

    19 March

    Beautiful!! And I’m so distracted by those stunning green nails!

  6. candleashes

    19 March

    adorable ^_^ regular party blowers usually look so tacky

  7. katie

    19 March

    these are adorable! love the vintage ribbon! (love your site too, btw!)

  8. Stephie

    20 March

    Very sweet Victoria! Super excited to see you on design Sponge today – congratulations.

    Hope you are well.

    Hugs, Stephie x

  9. sarina

    20 March

    amazing!!!!!! xoxo lowtidehightide

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