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votive baked cakes

I had a stack of pretty glass votive holders that were in need of a new and original use. Remembering this post, I decided they would make the perfect miniature cake pans. The teeny tiny cakes came out a fun bite size and would be great to serve frosted on their own, or lined up in the glass votives with forks popping out for a grand party presentation. Get all the details over at Project Wedding.

PS. I am thrilled to announce that Thursday’s are now going to be focused on party foods. Sweets, feasts, suggestions and ideas to encourage the food serving component of our celebrations. We even have a new contributor joining the team for it, hooray!


  1. Liz

    5 April

    I’m looking forward to your new Thursday theme! It sounds fun.

  2. teresita

    5 April

    And the votive holders did well in the oven?…I can see this happening at home…

    • Victoria

      5 April

      Teresita, they did great:) The ones I had on hand were nice thick ones, so I would aim for that and be sure to check on the cakes as they bake. Mine were in for about 80% of the normal baking time when they looked ready.

  3. Corrie Anne

    5 April

    Those are crazy clever!! Nothing sweeter than a mini cake!!

  4. Cute!

  5. Lena

    5 April

    These cakes are perfect–just like a Thursday series dedicated to party food! I love it!

  6. Gloria

    5 April

    What a clever idea!

  7. Christi

    6 April

    Love this idea!! Tiny little cakes – the only thing better than regular old cake :)

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