water balloon trampoline jumping

The kids received a gigantic trampoline earlier this year and we have been having the greatest fun with it. On multiple occasions we’ve filled it with balloons and $3 bouncy balls from Target. It has been a hit! The combination of jumping and bouncing balloons has given us hours of enjoyment and has made get togethers with friends that have kids really great.

Since it is summer we tried our first hand at bouncing water balloons. The crazy thrill of the popping and bursting balloons has become a late evening summer favorite.

Water balloon trampoline jumping

Water balloon trampoline jumping

Although we’ve had to watch the little ones closely when they jump with water balloons. We always put the big net up and make sure the trampoline doesn’t get too wet for them. It has become the coolest game in their little world. And of course, we adults had to try it out, too! The adults have taken over the trampoline after bedtime a couple nights in a row. I haven’t had this much fun bouncing in years. It is exactly the kind of shenanigans summer is for.

Here are a few other crazy awesome things to do with water balloons:

Have a surprise water balloon fight | Make water balloon ice cubes | Engage in water balloon painting | Have the best batting practice ever | or make a set of flower bud vases with water balloons – find the full instructions in our book Materially Crafted.

(Photography @Melanie DeFazio/Stocksy United).