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weekend revelries | buoyed bunting

We have spent this last week adjusting to our new city. Moving is always a challenge, but I am thankful to find myself quite inspired getting to know Reno. I have so many new ideas bubbling up inside. There is an enormous amount of space, history and very beautiful inspiration in this part of the country. It is backing my belief that there is celebration inspiration to be found anywhere, even in bouys docking boats on the lake. In one (crazy) sense it makes me think moving every few years would be the perfect thing for a stylist.

Wouldn’t you love a stash of these bright bouys for a coming summer party? They look like colorful floating bunting to me:) Happy Friday…

Gorgeous photo by Aran Goyoaga.

PS. Saying goodbye to one of my greatest inspirations Ready Made Magazine this weekend. Grateful for their enormous inspiration over the years.


  1. Moving around definitely keeps me inspired, but I think even I am ready to settle down and just travel for my inspiration!

  2. Victoria

    17 June

    Tina, yes I suppose that would be the easier route to take, but I would like to travel and maybe stay for a while to really get to know the towns and cultures well. Maybe Italy next? Or Copenhagen to live next to that gorgeous wall you posted today!

  3. Lena

    17 June

    What a gorgeous photo, and a wonderful week-enjoy the adventure!

  4. Stephie

    17 June

    Have a great first weekend in your new digs! See you next week, Stephie x

  5. kat jackson

    18 June

    oh no!! I just renewed my ReadyMade Subscription and gave two gifts of it to friends!

    lovely photo though!!

  6. i love moving around. keeps life spicy.

    so sad about ReadyMade…

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