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why don’t we – carve a pineapple?

why don’t we – carve a pineapple?

Pineapple Jack-o-lantern

We are headed out to the pumpkin patch for round one of pumpkin picking this weekend. We do an early pumpkin carving and another one just a couple days before Halloween. This year I am incredibly intrigued by all the awesome carving I see going around on things other than pumpkins. I mean, if you think about it – why should pumpkins have all the fun!?! Let’s carve a pineapple instead… or a pepper, or an apple, and possibly my favorite – an orange. You can carve any fruit imaginable, just hallow it out and get slicing.

While I search for anything else I can carve, here are a few other awesome pumpkin ideas you might want to try:

We are definitely trying squash carving this year

The best way to slice your pumpkin

Carve and paint with metalics for this awesome doorstop look

Star studded carved luminarias are super pretty

Use a cookie cutter for easy carving form – genius!

Push pin pumpkins

Pumpkin planters

25 creative ways to carve a pumpkin

And this tip for using bleach to preserve pumpkins is super smart

Have a great weekend! xoxo

(Photography © Amy Covington/Stocksy United)

  1. The pineapple earns points for hair! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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  5. cc

    10 October

    This is what we do in Hawaii, as pumpkins are just too expensive, and pineapples are plentiful.

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