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why don’t we – fill awesome things wit...

why don’t we – fill awesome things with confetti

Confetti star balloons + 10 awesome things to fill with confetti!

Confetti is a favorite around my house. BUT, my love for it often gets sidetracked because of its more messy qualities. Can you ever really get all the confetti out of a rug?

Instead of throwing confetti around and cleaning it up for hours afterwards… I opt to fill things with confetti. You get all the bright fun. Minus the crazy mess. Score! Since it’s Friday, why not find something a little dull and make it much brighter with confetti? Here are 10 of my favorite things to fill with confetti!

Balloons (top photo)

Jars to save for a special confetti wish

Cookies or cake – stuffing cakes is the best.


Ornaments that look as good for a party as they do at Christmas time.

Crackers to use as favors or gifts.

Gift tags

A wall art gallery

Party cones

Match boxes would be a fun countdown for a birthday, or to count down the days until school starts again!

Plus, a gallery of all our fun confetti projects to try.

Have a bright and mess free weekend friends. xoxo

  1. monique

    27 July

    I love confetti! These ones are amazing as well, I love the balloons.

  2. What a wonderful idea! So you can forget about cleaning all the mess! Great suggestions!

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