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why don’t we… light a pumpkin party la...

why don’t we… light a pumpkin party lantern

Pumpkin party lantern

Carving pumpkins doesn’t have to be all spook. Pull out the seeds and get your pumpkins party ready by turning them into lanterns! Hung from the trees, set on the stoop, or carried through the neighborhood… I love the idea of a pumpkin lantern for lighting the night in pretty fall style.

DIY pumpkin lantern

Pumpkin party lantern

Why don’t we make one!?! Start by opening the pumpkin up and removing the seeds (here are 3 yummy ways to bake them). Use a drill with a 1/2 inch fitted drill head for an easy way to quickly carve out circles, or trace and carve by hand. Small dashed lines, hearts, and arrowheads are a couple other patterns that would work well too. Aim for an overall graphic design that will let light out evenly throughout the surface of the pumpkin.

Use thick metal wiring (available at local home improvement stores) to wrap through and over the pumpkin for making a handle. Once the wire is inserted in the design be sure to bend upward and stick the end back through the pumpkin skin to hold in place. Be sure to make your handle long enough to hold the pumpkin at a safe distance from wherever you are hanging it.

Fill the pumpkin with a flickering candle and top it off for a beautifully bright fall lantern. Although, you can use real candles while making these pumpkin party lanterns, flameless candles give the same look with a kid safe/tree safe/fire safe light source.

I am really tempted to make 50 of these beauties to light up our whole front yard for Halloween! Here are a few other crafty ways to create outdoor light this fall: A homemade rope sign | Pretty paper lanterns | Twinkle lights in a lantern are simple and gorgeous | Mini pumpkin candles | Make these garden stake candles | DIY Swedish log flame | Hand painted mason jar lanterns

Cheers to a weekend of carving and lighting!

(Photography © Lior Zilberstein/Stocksy United).

  1. It’s like a jack-o-lantern to-go! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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  3. These pumpkin laterns are amazing! Such a good idea for upcoming Halloween. :D

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  5. monique

    20 October

    Such a great idea!

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  7. Anne-Christelle

    21 October

    Cette idée de lanterne est ravissante;-)
    This idea of lantern is charming;-)

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  10. Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful article. Many thanks for providing these details.

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