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wooden and gold candles

wooden and gold candles

I love the graphic touch these candle bring into a room. They are easy to make and will quickly help not just the warmth, but also the romance in your home. A perfect use for old candles you might have stored away! Don’t you think a package of four small ones would make the perfect present for a good friend?!?

To make the gold graphic candles, measure the diameter and height of any candle you own or purchase. Add 1” to the diameter. Cut a piece of wood veneer to fit the dimensions. Adhere the gold paper to one side of the mounting film. On the back of the mounting film, sketch out your design. Do something fun! Here, I drew some freehand stripes. Cut out the shapes you drew. Arrange them on the wood veneer piece you cut out. Pull off the back of the mounting film and stick down. Overlap the two ends of the wood veneer by ¾”, glue together with tacky glue.

Project by Michelle Edgemont for Styled. magazine issue four.


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  2. These are adorable! I’ve been in such a metallic mood lately and these totally fit the bill! Must make list.

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  5. Andrea Howe

    16 February

    what a great project. love it

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