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wrap it up | with cupcake foils

For our weekly wrap session I want to share an adorably bright idea Machaela and Lotta came up with. They used shinny foil baking cups as wrapping adornments! The project is simple and would be perfect for your best friends birthday. See the full tutorial here.

I am still in Las Vegas this weekend and looking forward to a bright night sneaking out on the town with Matt. The grandparents are giving us a night away and we plan to get dressed up, eat a great steak and pretend we are famous:) Hoping the weekend is bright for you too.



  1. Josie

    14 October

    What a simple, cute idea!

  2. domestikate

    14 October

    Ooh love the colours, very pretty!

  3. The Hey Look! team is so creative…love this wrap it up post! :) Hope you and Matt have a fantastic weekend :)

  4. Amy

    14 October

    I love this idea! I’m always looking for fun new ways to wrap my gifts. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Pearl

    14 October

    What a darling idea~


  6. Rach

    15 October

    Precious! What a great idea!

  7. Supal

    15 October

    extremely clever! I like the one with the message in the middle!

  8. fiona lynne

    16 October

    Oh lovely! And I always have spare cupcake wrappers lying around so this would be a great last minute project :)

  9. Liz

    17 October

    What an AWESOME idea! I love this.

  10. Mar

    17 October

    Great idea!! and I love the colours! I’ve never seen a cupcakes wrappers like this! (I’m gonna look for it)

  11. bianca

    20 October

    This is so festive! What a wonderful idea :)

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