wrapped up in | black paper confetti • A Subtle Revelry

wrapped up in | black paper confetti

wrapped up in | black paper confetti

A most subtle way to wrap a Valentine… With black paper, thin string and a sprinkling of large confetti. If you don’t own a two inch hole punch you should really invest the eight dollars, it is a short-notice confetti life saver and you will use it all the time. Promise!

PS. I packed mine for any spontaneous confetti needs at Alt. See you there!

Photo by Lieschen Mueller.


  1. Carrie Rowe

    18 January

    I just purchased 2 new hole punches (different sizes) for confetti!! LOVE confetti!!! Have fun at Alt… so jealous!

  2. Lena

    18 January

    This is just divine! Have fun at Alt!

  3. This is such brilliant idea. All presents would look fancy :)

  4. Stephie

    19 January

    Super cute Victoria – what a great way to invest eight dollars! Stephie x

  5. Amy Powell

    19 January

    LOVE this idea!! It’s so simple, yet very cute :)

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