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The easiest pom-pom poof tutorial

The easiest pom-pom poof tutorial

These fun yarn pom poofs are perhaps the simplest and cheapest of projects of all, but one of my all time favorite! Make them in bright colors for an upcoming party or in white as a snowy winter decoration.

I first loved them as hanging decor, then fell for them as whimsical cake toppers, before finally deciding they are perfect for just about anything!

To make the pom-pom poofs; first wrap yarn around your fingers to create a thick and tight circle. Then remove the yarn circle from your finger and run the length of the yarn tightly around the center to form the pom-pom ball. Tie tightly, cut all ends, and fan the pom-pom poof into place.

Photography in collaboration with Carly Taylor for A Subtle Revelry.

PS. More festive yarn use here.


  1. so fun & festive!

  2. Christine

    16 November

    What a fantastic idea!! A perfect way to use up some of my scraps of yarn.

  3. chelsea

    16 November

    super cute!

  4. Lena

    16 November

    How magical-and I love their cheerful color!

  5. Natasha

    16 November

    We used to make these with my mom when we were kids! They are so pretty hung, such a great idea for a party yes!

  6. Anneliese

    16 November

    That is so very fun! I love this as an idea for something besides the ever prsent tissue poms (which I am using yet again this weekend!) :-)

  7. Diana

    16 November

    Oh, I love this!! You did such a fantastic job :)

  8. These are so delightful! I love how they look like they are just floating in mid-air :) xo

  9. Lisa

    16 November

    These are adorable because they have so much personality. It’s on my list to make white ones as snowflakes for a tree I’m doing this year.

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  11. alli/hooray

    17 November

    these are so sweet!

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